Pacific Coast Safety Fest (Carson, CA)

2019 Pacific Coast Safety Fest at CSUDH

March 21-22, 2019

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Pacific Coast Safety Fest is a training event sponsored by OSHA and hosted by the Region IX OSHA Training Institute Education Centers. The event is directed toward employees, employers and other safety and health professionals.

Pacific Safety Fest is an event that offers training classes related to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations. The purpose of this training is to raise awareness concerning pertinent safety and health hazards and best work practices in the area where the training is being offered. The expected outcome of all OSHA training is related to the mission of OSHA that all workers return home safe each day.

All training for this event is free of charge in order to provide equal opportunity for all to participate. Instructors from all four OTI Education Centers in the OSHA Region IX area, Cal/OSHA and other OSHA grantees and partners have volunteered their time to participate in this event. Attendees will receive credit for all sanctioned Education Center classes and will receive a certificate of attendance for all classes.

Keynote Speaker: Loren Delicano

Pacific Coast Safety Fest will be attended by representatives from various industries including safety professionals, human resources and risk managers. OSHA and Cal/OSHA representatives will provide updates on industry trends as it relates to occupational safety and health. Equipment Manufacturers will showcase some of the latest safety products available.

The following courses will be offered during the event at a discounted cost of $20: OSHA 7105, OSHA 7845, OSHA 7100, OSHA 7500, OSHA 7405 and OSHA 7510.

Location: California State University Dominguez Hills
1000 E. Victoria St.
Carson, CA 90747 EE-1213

Registration: Contact (310) 243-3741

OSHA / Cal/OSHA Updates: Free
Parking: $8

Check-In Time: 8:00am

2019 Pacific Coast Safety Fest at CSUDH
2019 Pacific Coast Safety Fest at CSUDH