Academic Affairs Policies

The following Academic Affairs Policies originate either from Academic Senate Resolutions or are a result of administrative requirements in the Division. The Academic Affairs Policies are numbered consecutively dating back to year 2004 and serve as a resource. The Academic Affairs Policies are issued by the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs and is subject to change at any time as new policies are issued or current policies updated. Policies marked INACTIVE or Supersedes link to the current policy.

Academic Affairs Policy Master List

Total Policies: 145   
Policy# Old Policy# Status Effective Date Subject Supersede Details Review Cycle Keywords
AA 2020-05 [PDF] Active 7/31/20 College Councils Statements and Procedures NA College Councils
AA 2020-04 [PDF] Active 5/08/20 Temporary Suspension of Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR) in response to COVID-19 Pandemic Supersedes: NA Fall 2021 GWAR, COVID-19
AA 2020-03 [PDF] Active 4/29/20 Zero Cost Materials and Low Cost Course Materials [In Compliance with California Senate Bill (SB) 1359] Supersedes: AA 2017-07 ZCCM, LCCM, Open Educational
AA 2020-02 [PDF] Active 4/22/20 Spring 2020 Grading Modification in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic: No Credit and/or Course Withdrawal Options Supersedes: NA CR/NC, No Credit, WU, IC
AA 2020-01 [PDF] Active 3/01/20 Non-Tenure Track Faculty Advisory Board Non-tenure Track Faculty, Advisory Board
AA 2018-04 [PDF] Active 11/16/18 General Education Changes to Area G General Education, GE, Area G, EO 1100, Cultural Pluralism
AA 2018-03 [PDF] Active 9/26/18 Principles of Academic Affairs Facilities and Equitable Space Management Supersedes: AA 2014-02 and AA 2006-15 Facilities, Space Management, Committee
AA 2018-02 [PDF] Active 2/07/19 Faculty Development Center Advisory Board Faculty, FDC, Advisory Board
AA 2018-01 [PDF] Active 8/29/18 Assigned Time for Exceptional Levels of Service to Students Supersedes AA 2015-05 September 1, 2020 Faculty, Unit 3, Assigned Time
AA 2017-11 [PDF] Active 2/13/18 Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement Policy Supersedes: AA 2007-07 and AA 2006-27
AA 2017-10 [PDF] Active 11/20/17 Course Instructional Modality Supersedes AA 2007-01
AA 2017-09 [PDF] Active 8/22/17 Credit by Examination for Undergraduates Supersedes AA 2007-08
AA 2017-08 [PDF] Active 8/23/17 Undergraduate Declaration of Major/Minor Supersedes AA 2007-19
AA 2017-07 [PDF] INACTIVE 10/24/17 Zero Cost Course Materials [In Compliance with California Senate Bill (SB) 1359] Superseded by AA 2020-03
AA 2017-06 [PDF] Active 8/24/17 Council of Department Chairs and Program Coordinators
AA 2017-05 [PDF] Active 8/25/27 Planned Leave for Undergraduates
AA 2017-04 [PDF] Active 8/31/17 Definition of Super Seniors
AA 2017-03 [PDF] Active 8/31/17 Guidelines and Rationale for Campus Tenure-Track Lines Overview
AA 2017-02 [PDF] Active 9/08/17 Program Review Panel (PRP) (Supersedes AA 2007-17) Supersedes AA 2007-17
AA 2017-01 [PDF] Active 9/11/17 Student Grade Appeals (Supersedes PM 14-05) Supersedes PM 14-05
AA 2016-02 [PDF] Active 7/01/16 Double-Counting Upper Division General Education Courses and Major/Minor Courses
AA 2016-01 [PDF] Active 8/14/17 Catherine H. Jacobs Outstanding Faculty-Lecturer Award
AA 2015-05 [PDF] INACTIVE 4/23/15 Assigned Time for Exceptional Levels of Service to Students Superseded by AA 2018-01
AA 2015-04 [PDF] Active 8/17/15 Election of a Faculty Advocate to Represent Faculty in Reported and/or Adjudicated Cases of Disruptive Student Behavior
AA 2015-03 [PDF] Active 6/26/15 Syllabus Content Supersedes AA 2007-22
AA 2015-02 [PDF] Active 3/06/15 Ensuring Consistency Across Instructional Modalities and Location
AA 2015-01 [PDF] Active 1/15/15 Evaluating Temporary Faculty Unit Employees Supersedes AA 2005-10
AA 2014-04 [PDF] Active 12/04/14 Principles of Effective Allocation and Utilization of Office Space Supersedes AA 2007-05
AA 2014-03 [PDF] Active 12/04/14 Principles of Effective Allocation and Utilization of Instructional Space Supersedes AA 2007-05
AA 2014-02 [PDF] INACTIVE 12/04/14 Principles of Academic Affairs Facilities and Equitable Space Management Superseded by AA 2018-03
AA 2014-01 [PDF] AAPS042.001 INACTIVE 4/14/14 Guidelines for Full-Time Academic and Administrator III and IV Positions Superseded by PM 2014-03
AA 2013-02 [PDF] AAAP013.002 Active 10/14/13 Undergraduate Advising Policy Supersedes PM 90-04 and AA 2006-04
AA 2013-01 [PDF] AAP013.001 Active 10/14/13 Academic Affairs Program Effectiveness Council (AA PEC)
AA 2012-04 [PDF] AAP 007.001 Active 5/22/12 Recruitment of Tenure-Track and Other Full-Time Faculty Supersedes AA 2005-28
AA 2012-03 [PDF] AAP 012.001 Active 5/21/12 Improving Communication in the Process of Evaluating Faculty for Reappointment, Tenure, and Promotion
AA 2012-02 [PDF] AAP 010.001 Active 2/14/12 Policy for Reappointment, Tenure and Promotion Procedures
AA 2012-01 [PDF] AAP 009.001 Active 2/14/12 Policy for the Addition of Computer/Information Literacy Expectations and/or Student Learning Outcomes to Syllabi
AA 2010-04 [PDF] AAP 004.001 Active 9/24/10 GPA Computation for Graduate Program Courses
AA 2010-03 [PDF] AAP 003.001 Active 9/24/10 RSCAAP Mini-Grants
AA 2010-02 [PDF] AAP 002.001 Active 9/24/10 Definitions of a Service Learning Course and a Civic Engagement Course
AA 2010-01 [PDF] AAP 001.001 Active 9/24/10 Articulation of International Baccalaureate Examinations
AA 2007-23 [PDF] AAPS012.002 Active 12/10/07 Cycle I and Cycle VI Tenure-Track Working Personnel Action Files (WPAF) Supersedes AA 2004-13
AA 2007-22 [PDF] AAAP016.002 INACTIVE 12/10/07 Syllabus Content Superseded by AA 2015-03
AA 2007-21 [PDF] AAFS004.001 Active 9/27/07 Entry of Instructors into PeopleSoft
AA 2007-20 [PDF] AAAP010.004 Active 8/20/07 General Education Committee Supersedes PM 98-05 and AAAP010.003
AA 2007-19 [PDF] AAAP015.003 INACTIVE 8/20/07 Undergraduate Declaration of Major/Minor Supersedes AA 2007-02; Superseded by AA 2017-08
AA 2007-18 [PDF] AAAP031.002 Active 5/23/07 Interpretation of Chancellor's Executive Order 665 Supersedes AA 2006-30
AA 2007-17 [PDF] AAAP011.002 INACTIVE 5/09/07 Program Review Panel (PRP) Superseded by AA 2017-02
AA 2007-16 [PDF] AAAP011.001 INACTIVE 5/09/07 Program Review Panel Superseded by AA 2007-17 and AA 2017-02
AA 2007-15 [PDF] AAFS003.001 Active 4/25/07 Scheduling Classes in the University Library
AA 2007-14 [PDF] AAAP046.001 Active 4/20/07 Early Field Experience
AA 2007-13 [PDF] AAAP045.001 Active 3/19/07 Repeat and Cancel Policy Supersedes PM 87-17
AA 2007-12 [PDF] AAAP044.001 Active 3/19/07 Distinction between Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science Supersedes PM 93-05
AA 2007-11 [PDF] AAAP043.001 Active 3/19/07 Alternative Forms of Credit Supersedes PM 81-03
AA 2007-10 [PDF] AAAP042.001 Active 3/19/07 Curriculum on Department Websites
AA 2007-09 [PDF] AAAP041.001 Active 3/19/07 Timely Adoption of Textbooks
AA 2007-08 [PDF] AAAP040.001 INACTIVE 3/19/07 Credit by Examination for Undergraduates Supersedes PM 78-17; Superseded by AA 2017-09
AA 2007-07 [PDF] AAAP037.001 INACTIVE 2/26/07 Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR) Supersedes PM 01-02; Superseded by AA 2017-11
AA 2007-06 [PDF] AAAP039.001 Active 2/20/07 Honors for Graduating Baccalaureates Supersedes PM 78-18 and PM 92-02
AA 2007-05 [PDF] AAFS002.001 INACTIVE 2/20/07 Space Allocation and Assignment Policy and Procedure Superseded by AA 2014-03 and AA 2014-04
AA 2007-04 [PDF] AAAP038.001 Active 2/20/07 Residency Requirement for Minor Supersedes PM 82-07
AA 2007-03 [PDF] AAAP036.001 Active 1/25/07 Elimination of Required Minor
AA 2007-02 [PDF] AAAP015.002 INACTIVE 1/25/07 Undergraduate Declaration of Major/Minor Superseded by AA 2007-19; Note: View AA 2017-08
AA 2007-01 [PDF] AAAP029.001 INACTIVE 1/01/07 Course Instructional Modality Superseded by AA 2017-10
AA 2006-32 [PDF] AAAP034.001 Active 10/16/06 Student Retention Policy Council
AA 2006-31 [PDF] AAAP033.001 Active 10/16/06 Online Listing of Program Requirements
AA 2006-30 [PDF] AAAP031.001 INACTIVE 10/11/06 Interpretation of Chancellor's Executive Order 665 Superseded by AA 2007-18
AA 2006-29 [PDF] AAIR001.001 Active 10/11/06 Role of IRAP in Faculty Research, Scholarly & Creative Activity
AA 2006-28 [PDF] AAAP024.001 Active 8/15/06 Post-Baccalaureate and Graduate Admission Requirements Supersedes PM 84-10
AA 2006-27 [PDF] AAAP019.001 INACTIVE 8/15/06 Passing Grades for the Graduate Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR) Supersedes PM 91-03; Superseded by AA 2017-11
AA 2006-26 [PDF] AAAP028.001 INACTIVE 8/15/06 Credit/No Credit Grades for Graduate Students Supersedes PM 82-23
AA 2006-25 [PDF] AAAP020.001 Active 8/15/06 Minimum Grades in Graduate Program Courses Supersedes PM 91-06
AA 2006-24 [PDF] AAAP021.001 Active 8/15/06 Unclassified Post-Baccalaureate Students with Undeclared Status Supersedes PM 78-21
AA 2006-23 [PDF] AAAP022.001 Active 8/15/06 MA/MS Special Major Supersedes PM 77-37
AA 2006-22 [PDF] AAAP017.001 Active 8/15/06 Graduate Theses, Projects, and Comprehensive Examinations Supersedes PM 91-05
AA 2006-21 [PDF] AAAP023.001 Active 8/15/06 Graduate Council Supersedes PM 96-05
AA 2006-20 [PDF] AAAP018.001 Active 8/15/06 Time Limits for Graduate Coursework, Theses, Projects, and Examinations Supersedes PM 92-01
AA 2006-19 [PDF] AAAP025.001 Active 8/15/06 Composition of Graduate Thesis Committees Supersedes PM 81-18
AA 2006-18 [PDF] AAAP027.001 Active 8/15/06 University Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Committee Supersedes PM 02-02
AA 2006-17 [PDF] AAAP030.001 Active 8/15/06 Course Enrollment Limits
AA 2006-16 [PDF] AAAP032.001 Active 8/15/06 Course Withdrawal Policy
AA 2006-15 [PDF] AAFS001.001 INACTIVE 8/15/06 Academic Affairs Facilities and Space Committee Superseded by AA 2018-03
AA 2006-14 [PDF] AAAP026.001 Active 8/15/06 Continuous Attendance in Master's Programs Supersedes PM 88-02; Supersedes PM 02-03
AA 2006-13 [PDF] AAAP035.001 Active 8/01/06 Reporting Lines and Appeals Process for UCC and GE
AA 2006-12 [PDF] AAGN004.002 Active 5/27/06 Unit Limits for Summer Session Supersedes AA 2004-07
AA 2006-11 [PDF] AAPS018.001 Active 4/10/06 Faculty Leaves and Honors Committee Supersedes PM 89-15
AA 2006-10 [PDF] AARP002.001 Active 4/10/06 Roles and Responsibilities of Principal Investigators/Project Directors
AA 2006-09 [PDF] AARP001.001 Active 4/10/06 Approval and Submission of Proposals
AA 2006-08 [PDF] AAAP016.001 INACTIVE 3/20/06 Syllabus Content Superseded by AA 2007-22; Note: View AA 2015-03
AA 2006-07 [PDF] AAPS025.001 Active 3/16/06 Department Definition of Scholarship and Creative Activity Supersedes PM 90-05
AA 2006-06 [PDF] AAPS024.001 Active 3/16/06 Use of Terminal Degree in RTP Criteria (Former title: Change in RTP Policy) Supersedes PM 85-11
AA 2006-05 [PDF] AAPS014.001 Active 3/16/06 Periodic Evaluation of Tenured Faculty Supersedes PM 99-03
AA 2006-04 [PDF] AAAP013.001 INACTIVE 3/16/06 Undergraduate Advising Policy Supersedes PM 90-04; Superseded by AA 2013-02
AA 2006-03 [PDF] AAPS030.001 Active 3/16/06 Evaluation of Assigned/Reassigned Time Activities in the RTP Process Supersedes PM 80-18
AA 2006-02 [PDF] AAPS007.001 Active 3/15/06 Presidential Outstanding Professor Award
AA 2006-01 [PDF] AAPS045.001 Active 1/11/06 Relocation and Start-up Costs
AA 2005-29 [PDF] AAPS043.001 Active 12/15/05 Faculty Workload and Size
AA 2005-28 [PDF] AAPS044.001 INACTIVE 12/12/05 Recruitment of Tenure-Track Faculty Superseded by AA 2012-04
AA 2005-27 [PDF] AAPS041.001 Active 11/01/05 Unusually Meritorious
AA 2005-26 [PDF] AAPS017.001 Active 8/22/05 Creation of Faculty Awards Supersedes PM 01-05; Supersedes PM 02-06
AA 2005-25 [PDF] AAPS028.001 Active 8/22/05 Teaching Responsibilities and Academic Freedom Supersedes PM 01-07
AA 2005-24 [PDF] AAPS036.001 INACTIVE 8/22/05 Alternative Grading Supersedes PM 80-08
AA 2005-23 [PDF] AAPS029.001 Active 8/22/05 Procedures for Nominating of Faculty Trustee Candidates Supersedes PM 83-05
AA 2005-22 [PDF] AAPS037.001 Active 8/22/05 Sabbatical Leave Evaluation Criteria, Weighting, and Reporting Supersedes PM 98-08
AA 2005-21 [PDF] AAAP014.001 Active 8/22/05 Dealing with and Reporting Possible Misconduct in Research Supersedes PM 01-08
AA 2005-20 [PDF] AAPS038.001 INACTIVE 8/22/05 Emeritus Faculty Status Superseded by PM 2014-02
AA 2005-19 [PDF] AAPS015.001 Active 8/22/05 Two-Year Appointments for New Probationary Faculty Supersedes PM 89-05
AA 2005-18 [PDF] AAPS021.001 Active 8/01/05 Credit/No Credit Courses Supersedes PM 81-10
AA 2005-17 [PDF] AAPS004.001 Active 8/01/05 Department/Division Chair and School Director Duties
AA 2005-16 [PDF] AAPS020.001 INACTIVE 8/01/05 Change of Grade Supersedes PM 90-07
AA 2005-15 [PDF] AAPS019.001 Active 8/01/05 Evaluation of Candidates for Honorary Degrees Supersedes PM 95-01
AA 2005-14 [PDF] AAPS016.001 Active 8/01/05 Up-to-Date Resume Requirement for Future Faculty Personnel Actions Supersedes PM 85-06
AA 2005-13 [PDF] AAPS035.001 Active 8/01/05 Retention of Grade Records Supersedes PM 93-07
AA 2005-12 [PDF] AAPS023.001 INACTIVE 8/01/05 Repeat and Cancel for Disciplinary Grades Supersedes PM 84-05
AA 2005-11 [PDF] AAGN006.001 Active 8/01/05 Awarding a Posthumous Degree
AA 2005-10 [PDF] AAPS039.001 INACTIVE 8/01/05 Evaluation of Part-Time Temporary Lecturers Superseded by AA 2015-01
AA 2005-09 [PDF] AAPS013.001 Active 8/01/05 Expectations for Faculty On-Campus Availability (Former title: Faculty Responsibility) Supersedes PM 77-05
AA 2005-08 [PDF] AAGN008.001 Active 8/01/05 Commencement Supersedes PM 77-06
AA 2005-07 [PDF] AAAP009.001 Active 8/01/05 University Committee on Educator Preparation (UCEP)
AA 2005-06 [PDF] AAAP012.001 Active 8/01/05 University Curriculum Committee Supersedes PM 96-07
AA 2005-05 [PDF] AAPS022.001 INACTIVE 8/01/05 Grading Policy Supersedes PM 89-14
AA 2005-04 [PDF] AAPS040.001 Active 7/01/05 Faculty Office Hours Supersedes PM 88-04
AA 2005-03 [PDF] AAGN003.001 Active 4/29/05 Senate Membership
AA 2005-02 [PDF] AAGN005.001 Active 4/06/05 Student Academic Petitions and Appeals Committee Supersedes PM 99-01
AA 2005-01 [PDF] AAAP015.001 INACTIVE 4/06/05 Undergraduate Declaration of Major/Minor Superseded by AA 2007-02; Note: View AA 2007-19
AA 2004-20 [PDF] AAPS002.001 Active 9/20/04 Credit Toward Tenure
AA 2004-19 [PDF] AAPS003.001 INACTIVE 9/13/04 Faculty Recruitment Timetable Superseded by AA 2005-28; Note: View AA 2012-04
AA 2004-18 [PDF] AAPS008.001 Active 8/23/04 Research, Scholarship and Creative Activity Award
AA 2004-17 [PDF] AAPS001.001 Active 8/23/04 ABD Definition
AA 2004-16 [PDF] AAPS009.001 Active 8/23/04 Excellence in Service Award
AA 2004-15 [PDF] AAPS010.001 Active 8/23/04 Temporary Faculty Range Elevation Supersedes PM 01-01
AA 2004-14 [PDF] AAPS011.001 Active 8/23/04 WPAF Guidelines - Supplementary Information
AA 2004-13 [PDF] AAPS012.001 INACTIVE 8/23/04 Cycle I and Cycle VI Tenure-Track Working Personnel Action Files (WPAF) Superseded by AA 2007-23
AA 2004-12 [PDF] AAAP007.001 Active 8/23/04 Calculating Graduate Admission
AA 2004-11 [PDF] AAGN001.001 Active 8/23/04 Wait List Procedures
AA 2004-10 [PDF] AAAP006.001 Active 8/23/04 Calculating Post-Baccalaureate Credential Admission
AA 2004-09 [PDF] AAPS006.001 Active 8/23/04 Lyle E. Gibson Award Supersedes PM 78-20 and PM 84-09
AA 2004-08 [PDF] AAFM001.001 Active 6/01/04 Budget Guidelines for Academic Affairs
AA 2004-07 [PDF] AAGN004.001 INACTIVE 5/24/04 Unit Limits for Summer Session Superseded by AA 2006-12
AA 2004-06 [PDF] AAGN002.001 Active 5/24/04 Summer Fee Structure
AA 2004-05 [PDF] AAAP005.001 Active 1/01/04 Study Load
AA 2004-04 [PDF] AAAP004.001 Active 1/01/04 CSUDH Writing Intensive Courses
AA 2004-03 [PDF] AAAP003.001 Active 1/01/04 Credit by Exam for Graduate Students PM 78-17, "Credit by Exam for Undergraduate and Graduate Students," is superseded in part by this policy in that it no longer applies to graduate students.
AA 2004-02 [PDF] AAAP002.001 Active 1/01/04 MA Unit Ratio
AA 2004-01 [PDF] AAAP001.001 Active 1/01/04 Comprehensive Exams