Academic Affairs Policies

The following Academic Affairs Policies include all Academic Affairs policies, which originate either from Academic Senate resolutions or are a result of administrative requirements in the Division. Policies marked INACTIVE or Superseded, link to the current policy.

Academic Affairs Policy Master List

Total Policies: 140   
Policy# Old Policy# Status Effective Date Subject Prior Policy
AA 2018-04 [PDF] [PDF] Active 11/16/18 General Education Changes to Area G
AA 2018-03 [PDF] [PDF] Active 9/26/18 Principles of Academic Affairs Facilities and Equitable Space Management Supersedes AA 2014-02 and AA 2006-15
AA 2018-02 [PDF] [PDF] Active 2/07/19 Faculty Development Center Advisory Board
AA 2018-01 [PDF] [PDF] Active 8/29/18 Assigned Time for Exceptional Levels of Service to Students Supersedes AA 2015-05
AA 2017-11 [PDF] [PDF] Active 2/13/18 Graduate Writing Assessment Requirement Policy Supersedes AAAP 037.001 (AA 2007-07) and AAAP 019.001 (AA 2006-27)
AA 2017-10 [PDF] [PDF] Active 11/20/17 Course Instructional Modality Supersedes AA 2007-01
AA 2017-09 [PDF] [PDF] Active 8/22/17 Credit by Examination for Undergraduates Supersedes AA 2007-08
AA 2017-08 [PDF] [PDF] Active 8/23/17 Undergraduate Declaration of Major/Minor Supersedes AA 2007-19
AA 2017-07 [PDF] [PDF] Active 10/24/17 Zero Cost Course Materials [In Compliance with California Senate Bill (SB) 1359]
AA 2017-06 [PDF] [PDF] Active 8/24/17 Council of Department Chairs and Program Coordinators
AA 2017-05 [PDF] [PDF] Active 8/25/27 Planned Leave for Undergraduates
AA 2017-04 [PDF] [PDF] Active 8/31/17 Definition of Super Seniors
AA 2017-03 [PDF] [PDF] Active 8/31/17 Guidelines and Rationale for Campus Tenure-Track Lines Overview
AA 2017-02 [PDF] [PDF] Active 9/08/17 Program Review Panel (PRP) (Supersedes AA 2007-17) Supersedes AA 2007-17
AA 2017-01 [PDF] [PDF] Active 9/11/17 Student Grade Appeals (Supersedes PM 14-05) Supersedes PM 14-05
AA 2016-02 [PDF] [PDF] Active 7/01/16 Double-Counting Upper Division General Education Courses and Major/Minor Courses
AA 2016-01 [PDF] [PDF] Active 8/14/17 Catherine H. Jacobs Outstanding Faculty-Lecturer Award
AA 2015-05 [PDF] [PDF] INACTIVE 4/23/15 Assigned Time for Exceptional Levels of Service to Students Superseded by AA 2018-01
AA 2015-04 [PDF] [PDF] Active 8/17/15 Election of a Faculty Advocate to Represent Faculty in Reported and/or Adjudicated Cases of Disruptive Student Behavior
AA 2015-03 [PDF] [PDF] Active 6/26/15 Syllabus Content Supersedes AAAP016.002
AA 2015-02 [PDF] [PDF] Active 3/06/15 Ensuring Consistency Across Instructional Modalities and Location
AA 2015-01 [PDF] [PDF] Active 1/15/15 Evaluating Temporary Faculty Unit Employees Supersedes AAPS039.001
AA 2014-04 [PDF] [PDF] Active 12/04/14 Principles of Effective Allocation and Utilization of Office Space Supersedes AAFS002.001
AA 2014-03 [PDF] [PDF] Active 12/04/14 Principles of Effective Allocation and Utilization of Instructional Space Supersedes AAFS002.001
AA 2014-02 [PDF] [PDF] INACTIVE 12/04/14 Principles of Academic Affairs Facilities and Equitable Space Management Superseded by AA 2018-03
AA 2014-01 [PDF] AAPS042.001 [PDF] INACTIVE 4/14/14 Guidelines for Full-Time Academic and Administrator III and IV Positions Superceded by PM 2014-03
AA 2013-02 [PDF] AAAP013.002 [PDF] Active 10/14/13 Undergraduate Advising Policy Supersedes PM 90-04 and AAAP013.001
AA 2013-01 [PDF] AAP013.001 [PDF] Active 10/14/13 Academic Affairs Program Effectiveness Council (AA PEC)
AA 2012-04 [PDF] AAP 007.001 [PDF] Active 5/22/12 Recruitment of Tenure-Track and Other Full-Time Faculty Supersedes AAPS044.001
AA 2012-03 [PDF] AAP 012.001 [PDF] Active 5/21/12 Improving Communication in the Process of Evaluating Faculty for Reappointment, Tenure, and Promotion
AA 2012-02 [PDF] AAP 010.001 [PDF] Active 2/14/12 Policy for Reappointment, Tenure and Promotion Procedures
AA 2012-01 [PDF] AAP 009.001 [PDF] Active 2/14/12 Policy for the Addition of Computer/Information Literacy Expectations and/or Student Learning Outcomes to Syllabi
AA 2010-04 [PDF] AAP 004.001 [PDF] Active 9/24/10 GPA Computation for Graduate Program Courses
AA 2010-03 [PDF] AAP 003.001 [PDF] Active 9/24/10 RSCAAP Mini-Grants
AA 2010-02 [PDF] AAP 002.001 [PDF] Active 9/24/10 Definitions of a Service Learning Course and a Civic Engagement Course
AA 2010-01 [PDF] AAP 001.001 [PDF] Active 9/24/10 Articulation of International Baccalaureate Examinations
AA 2007-23 [PDF] AAPS012.002 [PDF] Active 12/10/07 Cycle I and Cycle IV Tenure-Track Working Personnel Action Files (WPAF) Supersedes AAPS012.001
AA 2007-22 [PDF] AAAP016.002 [PDF] INACTIVE 12/10/07 Syllabus Content Superseded by AA 2015-03
AA 2007-21 [PDF] AAFS004.001 [PDF] Active 9/27/07 Entry of Instructors into PeopleSoft
AA 2007-20 [PDF] AAAP010.004 [PDF] Active 8/20/07 General Education Committee Supersedes PM 98-05 and AAAP010.003
AA 2007-19 [PDF] AAAP015.003 [PDF] INACTIVE 8/20/07 Undergraduate Declaration of Major/Minor Supersedes AAAP015.002; Superceded by AA 2017-08
AA 2007-18 [PDF] AAAP031.002 [PDF] Active 5/23/07 Interpretation of Chancellor's Executive Order 665 Supersedes AAAP031.001
AA 2007-17 [PDF] AAAP011.002 [PDF] INACTIVE 5/09/07 Program Review Panel (PRP) Superceded by AA 2017-02
AA 2007-16 [PDF] AAAP011.001 [PDF] INACTIVE 5/09/07 Program Review Panel Superseded by AAAP011.002
AA 2007-15 [PDF] AAFS003.001 [PDF] Active 4/25/07 Scheduling Classes in the University Library
AA 2007-14 [PDF] AAAP046.001 [PDF] Active 4/20/07 Early Field Experience
AA 2007-13 [PDF] AAAP045.001 [PDF] Active 3/19/07 Repeat and Cancel Policy Supersedes PM 87-17
AA 2007-12 [PDF] AAAP044.001 [PDF] Active 3/19/07 Distinction between Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science Supersedes PM 93-05
AA 2007-11 [PDF] AAAP043.001 [PDF] Active 3/19/07 Alternative Forms of Credit Supersedes PM 81-03
AA 2007-10 [PDF] AAAP042.001 [PDF] Active 3/19/07 Curriculum on Department Websites
AA 2007-09 [PDF] AAAP041.001 [PDF] Active 3/19/07 Timely Adoption of Textbooks
AA 2007-08 [PDF] AAAP040.001 [PDF] INACTIVE 3/19/07 Credit by Examination for Undergraduates Supersedes PM 78-17; Superceded by AA 2017-09
AA 2007-07 [PDF] AAAP037.001 [PDF] INACTIVE 2/26/07 Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR) Supersedes PM 01-02; Superseded by AA 2017-11
AA 2007-06 [PDF] AAAP039.001 [PDF] Active 2/20/07 Honors for Graduating Baccalaureates Supersedes PM 78-18 and PM 92-02
AA 2007-05 [PDF] AAFS002.001 [PDF] INACTIVE 2/20/07 Space Allocation and Assignment Policy and Procedure Superseded by AA 2014-03 and AA 2014-04
AA 2007-04 [PDF] AAAP038.001 [PDF] Active 2/20/07 Residency Requirement for Minor Supersedes PM 82-07
AA 2007-03 [PDF] AAAP036.001 [PDF] Active 1/25/07 Elimination of Required Minor
AA 2007-02 [PDF] AAAP015.002 [PDF] INACTIVE 1/25/07 Undergraduate Declaration of Major/Minor Superseded by AAAP015.003
AA 2007-01 [PDF] AAAP029.001 [PDF] INACTIVE 1/01/07 Course Instructional Modality Superseded by AA 2017-10
AA 2006-32 [PDF] AAAP034.001 [PDF] Active 10/16/06 Student Retention Policy Council
AA 2006-31 [PDF] AAAP033.001 [PDF] Active 10/16/06 Online Listing of Program Requirements
AA 2006-30 [PDF] AAAP031.001 [PDF] INACTIVE 10/11/06 Interpretation of Chancellor's Executive Order 665 Superseded by AAAP031.002
AA 2006-29 [PDF] AAIR001.001 [PDF] Active 10/11/06 Role of IRAP in Faculty Research, Scholarly & Creative Activity
AA 2006-28 [PDF] AAAP024.001 [PDF] Active 8/15/06 Post-Baccalaureate and Graduate Admission Requirements Supersedes PM 84-10
AA 2006-27 [PDF] AAAP019.001 [PDF] INACTIVE 8/15/06 Passing Grades for the Graduate Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR) Supersedes PM 91-03; Superseded by AA 2017-11
AA 2006-26 [PDF] AAAP028.001 [PDF] Active 8/15/06 Credit/No Credit Grades for Graduate Students Supersedes PM 82-23
AA 2006-25 [PDF] AAAP020.001 [PDF] Active 8/15/06 Minimum Grades in Graduate Program Courses Supersedes PM 91-06
AA 2006-24 [PDF] AAAP021.001 [PDF] Active 8/15/06 Unclassified Post-Baccalaureate Students with Undeclared Status Supersedes PM 78-21
AA 2006-23 [PDF] AAAP022.001 [PDF] Active 8/15/06 MA/MS Special Major Supersedes PM 77-37
AA 2006-22 [PDF] AAAP017.001 [PDF] Active 8/15/06 Graduate Theses, Projects, and Comprehensive Examinations Supersedes PM 91-05
AA 2006-21 [PDF] AAAP023.001 [PDF] Active 8/15/06 Graduate Council Supersedes PM 96-05
AA 2006-20 [PDF] AAAP018.001 [PDF] Active 8/15/06 Time Limits for Graduate Coursework, Theses, Projects, and Examinations Supersedes PM 92-01
AA 2006-19 [PDF] AAAP025.001 [PDF] Active 8/15/06 Composition of Graduate Thesis Committees Supersedes PM 81-18
AA 2006-18 [PDF] AAAP027.001 [PDF] Active 8/15/06 University Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Committee Supersedes PM 02-02
AA 2006-17 [PDF] AAAP030.001 [PDF] Active 8/15/06 Course Enrollment Limits
AA 2006-16 [PDF] AAAP032.001 [PDF] Active 8/15/06 Course Withdrawal Policy
AA 2006-15 [PDF] AAFS001.001 [PDF] INACTIVE 8/15/06 Academic Affairs Facilities and Space Committee Superseded by AA 2018-03
AA 2006-14 [PDF] AAAP026.001 [PDF] Active 8/15/06 Continuous Attendance in Master's Programs Supersedes PM 88-02
AA 2006-13 [PDF] AAAP035.001 [PDF] Active 8/01/06 Reporting Lines and Appeals Process for UCC and GE
AA 2006-12 [PDF] AAGN004.002 [PDF] Active 5/27/06 Unit Limits for Summer Session Supersedes AAGN004.001
AA 2006-11 [PDF] AAPS018.001 [PDF] Active 4/10/06 Faculty Leaves and Honors Committee Supersedes PM 89-15
AA 2006-10 [PDF] AARP002.001 [PDF] Active 4/10/06 Roles and Responsibilities of Principal Investigators/Project Directors
AA 2006-09 [PDF] AARP001.001 [PDF] Active 4/10/06 Approval and Submission of Proposals
AA 2006-08 [PDF] AAAP016.001 [PDF] INACTIVE 3/20/06 Syllabus Content Superseded by AAAP016.002
AA 2006-07 [PDF] AAPS025.001 [PDF] Active 3/16/06 Department Definition of Scholarship and Creative Activity Supersedes PM 90-05
AA 2006-06 [PDF] AAPS024.001 [PDF] Active 3/16/06 Change in RTP Policy Supersedes PM 85-11
AA 2006-05 [PDF] AAPS014.001 [PDF] Active 3/16/06 Periodic Evaluation of Tenured Faculty Supersedes PM 99-03
AA 2006-04 [PDF] AAAP013.001 [PDF] INACTIVE 3/16/06 Undergraduate Advising Policy Supersedes PM 90-04; Superceded by AAAP013.002
AA 2006-03 [PDF] AAPS030.001 [PDF] Active 3/16/06 Evaluation of Assigned/Reassigned Time Activities in the RTP Process Supersedes PM 80-18
AA 2006-02 [PDF] AAPS007.001 [PDF] Active 3/15/06 Presidential Outstanding Professor Award
AA 2006-01 [PDF] AAPS045.001 [PDF] Active 1/11/06 Relocation and Start-up Costs
AA 2005-29 [PDF] AAPS043.001 [PDF] Active 12/15/05 Faculty Workload and Size
AA 2005-28 [PDF] AAPS044.001 [PDF] INACTIVE 12/12/05 Recruitment of Tenure-Track Faculty Superseded by AAP 007.001
AA 2005-27 [PDF] AAPS041.001 [PDF] Active 11/01/05 Unusually Meritorious
AA 2005-26 [PDF] AAPS017.001 [PDF] Active 8/22/05 Creation of Faculty Awards Supersedes PM 01-05
AA 2005-25 [PDF] AAPS028.001 [PDF] Active 8/22/05 Teaching Responsibilities and Academic Freedom Supersedes PM 01-07
AA 2005-24 [PDF] AAPS036.001 [PDF] Active 8/22/05 Alternative Grading Supersedes PM 80-08
AA 2005-23 [PDF] AAPS029.001 [PDF] Active 8/22/05 Procedures for Nominating of Faculty Trustee Candidates Supersedes PM 83-05
AA 2005-22 [PDF] AAPS037.001 [PDF] Active 8/22/05 Sabbatical Leave Evaluation Criteria, Weighting, and Reporting Supersedes PM 98-08
AA 2005-21 [PDF] AAAP014.001 [PDF] Active 8/22/05 Dealing with and Reporting Possible Misconduct in Research Supersedes PM 01-08
AA 2005-20 [PDF] AAPS038.001 [PDF] Active 8/22/05 Emeritus Faculty Status
AA 2005-19 [PDF] AAPS015.001 [PDF] Active 8/22/05 Two-Year Appointments for New Probationary Faculty Supersedes PM 89-05
AA 2005-18 [PDF] AAPS021.001 [PDF] Active 8/01/05 Credit/No Credit Courses Supersedes PM 81-10
AA 2005-17 [PDF] AAPS004.001 [PDF] Active 8/01/05 Department/Division Chair and School Director Duties
AA 2005-16 [PDF] AAPS020.001 [PDF] Active 8/01/05 Change of Grade Supersedes PM 90-07
AA 2005-15 [PDF] AAPS019.001 [PDF] Active 8/01/05 Evaluation of Candidates for Honorary Degrees Supersedes PM 95-01
AA 2005-14 [PDF] AAPS016.001 [PDF] Active 8/01/05 Up-to-Date Resume Requirement for Future Faculty Personnel Actions Supersedes PM 85-06
AA 2005-13 [PDF] AAPS035.001 [PDF] Active 8/01/05 Retention of Grade Records Supersedes PM 93-07
AA 2005-12 [PDF] AAPS023.001 [PDF] Active 8/01/05 Repeat and Cancel for Disciplinary Grades Supersedes PM 84-05
AA 2005-11 [PDF] AAGN006.001 [PDF] Active 8/01/05 Awarding a Posthumous Degree
AA 2005-10 [PDF] AAPS039.001 [PDF] INACTIVE 8/01/05 Evaluation of Part-Time Temporary Lecturers Superceded by AAPS039.002
AA 2005-09 [PDF] AAPS013.001 [PDF] Active 8/01/05 Faculty Responsibility Supersedes PM 77-05
AA 2005-08 [PDF] AAGN008.001 [PDF] Active 8/01/05 Commencement Supersedes PM 77-06
AA 2005-07 [PDF] AAAP009.001 [PDF] Active 8/01/05 University Committee on Educator Preparation (UCEP)
AA 2005-06 [PDF] AAAP012.001 [PDF] Active 8/01/05 University Curriculum Committee Supersedes PM 96-07
AA 2005-05 [PDF] AAPS022.001 [PDF] Active 8/01/05 Grading Policy Supersedes PM 89-14
AA 2005-04 [PDF] AAPS040.001 [PDF] Active 7/01/05 Faculty Office Hours Supersedes PM 88-04
AA 2005-03 [PDF] AAGN003.001 [PDF] Active 4/29/05 Senate Membership
AA 2005-02 [PDF] AAGN005.001 [PDF] Active 4/06/05 Student Academic Petitions and Appeals Committee Supersedes PM 99-01
AA 2005-01 [PDF] AAAP015.001 [PDF] INACTIVE 4/06/05 Undergraduate Declaration of Major/Minor Superseded by AAAP015.002
AA 2004-20 [PDF] AAPS002.001 [PDF] Active 9/20/04 Credit Toward Tenure
AA 2004-19 [PDF] AAPS003.001 [PDF] INACTIVE 9/13/04 Faculty Recruitment Timetable Superseded by AAPS044.001
AA 2004-18 [PDF] AAPS008.001 [PDF] Active 8/23/04 Research, Scholarship and Creative Activity Award
AA 2004-17 [PDF] AAPS001.001 [PDF] Active 8/23/04 ABD Definition
AA 2004-16 [PDF] AAPS009.001 [PDF] Active 8/23/04 Excellence in Service Award
AA 2004-15 [PDF] AAPS010.001 [PDF] Active 8/23/04 Temporary Faculty Range Elevation Supersedes PM 01-01
AA 2004-14 [PDF] AAPS011.001 [PDF] Active 8/23/04 WPAF Guidelines - Supplementary Information
AA 2004-13 [PDF] AAPS012.001 [PDF] INACTIVE 8/23/04 Cycle I and Cycle VI Tenure-Track Working Personnel Action Files (WPAF) Superseded by AAPS012.002
AA 2004-12 [PDF] AAAP007.001 [PDF] Active 8/23/04 Calculating Graduate Admission
AA 2004-11 [PDF] AAGN001.001 [PDF] Active 8/23/04 Wait List Procedures
AA 2004-10 [PDF] AAAP006.001 [PDF] Active 8/23/04 Calculating Post-Baccalaureate Credential Admission
AA 2004-09 [PDF] AAPS006.001 [PDF] Active 8/23/04 Lyle E. Gibson Award Supersedes PM 78-20 and PM 84-09
AA 2004-08 [PDF] AAFM001.001 [PDF] Active 6/01/04 Budget Guidelines for Academic Affairs
AA 2004-07 [PDF] AAGN004.001 [PDF] INACTIVE 5/24/04 Unit Limits for Summer Session Superseded by AAGN004.002
AA 2004-06 [PDF] AAGN002.001 [PDF] Active 5/24/04 Summer Fee Structure
AA 2004-05 [PDF] AAAP005.001 [PDF] Active 1/01/04 Study Load
AA 2004-04 [PDF] AAAP004.001 [PDF] Active 1/01/04 CSUDH Writing Intensive Courses
AA 2004-03 [PDF] AAAP003.001 [PDF] Active 1/01/04 Credit by Exam for Graduate Students PM 78-17, "Credit by Exam for Undergraduate and Graduate Students," is superseded in part by this policy in that it no longer applies to graduate students.
AA 2004-02 [PDF] AAAP002.001 [PDF] Active 1/01/04 MA Unit Ratio
AA 2004-01 [PDF] AAAP001.001 [PDF] Active 1/01/04 Comprehensive Exams