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California State University Dominguez Hills
Fall 2011 University Catalog & Addendum

Welcome to the California State University, Dominguez Hills, fall 2011 Online Catalog and Addendum. Academic programs are listed alphabetically in the left margin. Programs and information denoted with bold text and marked with an asterisk "*" (e.g. "Academic Affairs*") indicate revised curricular or administrative information effective fall 2011. Use the links below for additional information about CSU Dominguez Hills.

The fall 2011 University Catalog Addendum is a supplement to the 2011-13 University Catalog which contains current information about the University as well as updated curriculum and program requirements effective fall 2011. The Addendum should be used along side of the 2011-13 University Catalog as the updated program requirements and course information included in the Addendum supersedes what is in the Catalog.


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