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Created: July 19, 2002
Latest Update: July 23, 2002

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Designing a Small Research Study

Teaching Essay Copyright: Jeanne Curran and Susan R. Takata and Individaul Authors, July 2002.
"Fair use" encouraged.

This essay links you to a website that offers a good example of a well-designed empirical study you might consider for a methods paper or thesis. Please use the example only as a model. To follow it slavishly would constitute a variety of plagiarism, since you would not be doing your own work at designing the study. And please don't forget to cite the source on any use you make of the example:
Read Anna Katz' essay on a proposed small research project:Psychology 475G, Psychology of Prejudice by Anna Katz. Spring 2000. Emory University. Backup.

Anna Katz' essay begins with an introduction to the general background theory and the focus of her suggested study: prejudice. Notice that this is reflected in the title of her course at Emory University.

  1. Mere contact will increase tolerance between groups - often assumed.
  2. Groups may be ethnic, religious, racial, etc.
  3. Research question: Does mere contact increase tolerance between different groups? Notice that a local high school has recently engaged in a conflict and negotiation attempt between leaders of its Mexican and Black school leaders, in an attempt to