Censure and Move On
National News Release

January 25, 1999

Single citizen leads thousands
to fly American flags in support of the President

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA - John Samuelson, a 78-year old grandfather in Flagler Beach, Florida, raised his American flag in front of his house to show his support for the President. He also told a few friends that they should do the same. Just days later, flags are raised in front of thousands of households in every single state of the union, plus Washington DC, Puerto Rico, and Guam.

As a member of MoveOn.org, an online movement opposing impeachment, Mr. Samuelson has a lot of friends. News of Mr. Samuelson's simple act went out by email to 450,000 members on Friday night. By Saturday afternoon, members reported by email that thousands of flags were raised across the nation.

"All over the country people are trying to get through to the Congress that they don't like what is being done to our President and to our country," said Mr. Samuelson. "I don't have great resources and I can't do all the things I want but I can fly my flag to support my President."

About MoveOn.org

MoveOn.org is a campaign supported by Republicans, Democrats and Independents who agree on one thing: "The Congress must immediately censure President Clinton and Move On to pressing issues facing the country." Using e-mail and the web to mobilize supporters, MoveOn.org has worked to translate a broad and deep consensus among the electorate into an end to our focus on scandal.

Just three months old, MoveOn.org has more than 5500 volunteers across the country and 450,000 online supporters. On October 29, thousands of volunteers personally presented printed-out email petitions to congressional offices in 44 states. On election day last November, MoveOn also coordinated a massive, email-driven "get-out-the-vote" effort. Targeted emails reached more than 300,000 supporters directly, and millions more were reached indirectly through email forwarding. After the House of Representatives voted to impeach, MoveOn.org collected over 20,000 pledges totaling more than $12.5 million in value, for congressional races in the year 2000.

For more information about MoveOn.org, or for the name of a local spokesperson, call Joan Blades at (510) 701-0078. Web address: http://www.moveon.org. Email: joan@moveon.org.

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