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Created: June 22, 2003
Latest Update: July 24, 2003

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Site Teaching Modules Soc. 595: Theory
Reading Preparations for Class and Internet Discussions
You will be held accountable for purposes of grading for the readings and exercises listed here. There will be no "testing." That means that you will not have to live in anxious anticipation of what we will ask and how much you will have to know. Instead, we will provide weekly discussion questions, lectures, essays, and concepts we feel that you should know as a result of having taken this course. You will assure us of that learning and receive your grade for the questions and concepts about which you choose to write and talk with us. In addition you will find detailed explanations and examples on our grading policies in the first week's reading.

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Week 1: Preparatory Readings for Week of August 25, 2003
Adademic Assessment of Learning: The Technical Term for Grading Policy

  • Academic Assessment in Credited Course Learning What Susan calls the 4 C's, or qualities we look for in grading. Please don't ask how much is enough, when it's good enough for an A, and such. No one can tell you when a term paper is long enough, when it is an A, or any such nonsense. You're not working for a grade. You're working to learn. And this file will give you extremely concrete details on how to do that. And you don't usually know if you got an A on a term paper until you get it back. We think our system gives you much more detailed and accurate feedback. Use it.
  • Maintatining Consistency in Academic Accountability Am explanation of consistency as "discipline," and how to maintain it as a measure of your learning.
  • Discovering Your Identity in Learning This essay covers a very specific example of how we measure our learning, particularly when that learning is latent. Like you recognize a word, but you can't remember what it means. And we tell you how to record that with us as learning.
  • Why jeanne says don't just answer the questions. Important that you see how our work is answerable and how that relates to aesthetics and how that relates to the creative merging of self and Other, both as individuals and as members of the academic system. Authority assumes the right to answer in one direction only.
  • Mearuing Learning without The Learner A brief essay on how we do this to children, and we misperceive so dreadfully their creative learning. To share with your kids and friends.
  • Authentication of Knowledge as Interdependent Link created June 29, 1999. Problem. File temporarily lost. Yikes. jeanne

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Week 2: Preparatory Readings for Week of September 1, 2003:
Social Class - Land Resources:

* * * * *

Week 3: Preparatory Readings for Week of September 8, 2003:
Criminology - Restorative Justice:

* * * * *

Week 4: Preparatory Readings for Week of September 17, 2003:
Criminology - Sentencing:

  • When Forever Is Too Long by Daniel Bergner. New York Times. On life without parole. Essay and discussion questions not up yet. jeanne

Criminology - theory:

  • Positivism in Criminology John Hamlin's Outline. University of Minnesota - Duluth. Good study resourse. Link added July 30, 2003.

  • John Hamlin's overview of criminological theory Great source. Link added July 30, 2003.
    New home page? Yes. But it's working on IE but not Netscape. Need to check. jeanne July 30, 2003.

  • Economic Revolution John Hamlin. July 30, 2003.

  • The Enlightenment John Hamlin. July 30, 2003.

    * * * * *

    Week 5: Preparatory Readings for Week of September 24, 2003:
    Criminology - Rape and Murder:

    • Art and Criminology Two artists' versions of rape and murder. Consider how our visual imagery colors our world and influences how we think of it. Includes a repainting of Kirchener's work, to illustrate the feeling color adds.

    • Sociology of Rape Syllabus John Hamlin. Not much that we have access to here, but his syllabus might give you some ideas.

    * * * * *

    Week 6: Preparatory Readings for Week of October 1, 2003:
    Sceintific Testing and Knowingness:

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