The Admission Process

Applying to the HUX program is simple. Just follow the Admissions Procedures below. You
will want to apply to HUX via CSU Mentor. Please note program deadlines and term dates
differ from on-campus programs. If you do not have computer access, you may write to
the HUX office for a paper application.

Note: the HUX program no longer accepts students residing in the following US States: Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, Minnesota, Oregon, and Wyoming.

CSU Mentor Applicants: Read carefully the additional HUX requirements below. You do
need to send directly to HUX your Essay (see prompt below). You may send your Essay by
email ( or surface mail (address below). Also, your official transcripts should be directed to the HUX office, not to CSUDH Admissions. Include a copy of the online confirmation page from CSU Mentor (emailed to you) indicating that your application was received. If you cannot find this, include a note telling us that you applied through CSU Mentor.

Admission Requirements
Admission Procedures
Admission Deadlines
Early Enrollment option
Mailing your Application materials
Transferring Units into HUX

Admission Requirements

  • Bachelor of Arts or Science degree from a regionally accredited university or college.
    The degree does not have to be in the Humanities.
  • A 3.0 GPA in the last 60 semester (90 quarter) units attempted, excluding lower division
    work completed after obtaining the Bachelor's degree. Students with a GPA between 2.5
    and 3.0 can be admitted conditionally.

Admission Procedures

The following materials are required for admission review by the submission deadline:
Through CSU Mentor, an application including a $55 payment. In addition, you will need to send your essay and two copies of official transcripts directly to the HUX office. You can submit your materials electronically to
(except for transcripts) or by regular mail (see below).

1. A Completed HUX Application.
You can apply in two ways: complete the
CSU Mentor application online, or, if you do not have Internet access, you may print out and fill out the application linked below as an Adobe PDF file, or request an application from the HUX office.

CSU Mentor
After applying through CSU Mentor, be sure also to complete and send in your Essay,
and official transcripts (see below).

Click here to download a PDF version of the HUX application.* Print it out and mail it to the HUX office address below, along with
your completed Essay and official transcripts
(see below).

If you prefer, you may request an application by calling the HUX Office at 310-243-3743), writing to the address below, faxing a request (310-516-4399), or by emailing Complete the application and mail it to the HUX office address below, along with
your completed Essay and official transcripts (see below).

*Please note: Applications may NOT be faxed to the office. So that you may be assured
the documents have been received, enclose a self-addressed reply postcard which can be
returned to you.

2. Essay.
Respond to the following:

In a concise, 1,000-word analytical essay, describe how two or three intellectual, cultural, or artistic experiences have stimulated your interest in and helped prepare you for a graduate degree in the Humanities. We are interested in how your interactions with the world of ideas have shaped your intellectual development. Those interactions may have been prompted, for example, by a book, lecture, play, concert, art exhibit, or a person. Focus the essay by linking the experiences you describe around a common theme or themes related to your intellectual development and interest in graduate education.

Do not write a summary of your life or recount life-changing incidents that promoted personal development. Be as specific as possible in your analysis. Be as specific as possible in your
description. DO NOT include resumé, letters of recommendation, documents, etc. DO include
the following information: your full name; your complete mailing address; the term for which
you are applying for admission; and where you found out about our program. This essay is part
of the evaluation for admission and must be submitted to the Program Coordinator. You can mail
it to the address below or email it to Send it as text in the body of the email, rather than as an attachment to the email message.

3. Application fee of $55.
Mail a check or money order for $55, payable to "CSUDH - HUX." Applications
will not be processed without the accompanying application fee. Application fees
are nonrefundable. Checks must be drawn on US banks only and have the bank account number preprinted at the bottom of the check. Do not send course tuition with your application fee. Credit cards are accepted for admission fee payment. If you are mailing a check, send your check to the HUX office address listed below.
4. Two unopened official transcripts from each college or university previously attended.
  • To be granted admittance as a classified graduate student, the applicant will request two sealed official transcripts from every school attended, post-Baccalaureate course work included, to be sent directly to him/her, and then forwarded to the address below. If transcripts cannot be sent to the student, he/she can request that they be sent directly to the Humanities External Degree Office.
  • Transcripts that have been faxed, accidentally opened, or that are unofficial/student
    copies are NOT acceptable.
  • Compilation-style transcripts (such as those from University of New York Regents, Thomas Edison State College, or similar programs) are not sufficient for evaluation because these schools tend to delete pertinent academic information from the student's records. Therefore, individual transcripts from ALL schools are required.
  • For expeditious processing of your documents, do not send any other material (i.e., a résumé, copies of diplomas, etc.) unless requested by the Office of Admissions. Extraneous material delays the processing and creates additional handling. The University will not be responsible for its return.
  • Students residing outside the United States: READ THIS CAREFULLY BEFORE YOU APPLY -

The individual, sealed transcripts, and the Essay should be mailed to the Humanities External Degree Program Office. Once the HUX office receives all the required materials, we send the application packet to the Office of Admissions for evaluation. We cannot process the application without all required materials.

If for any reason you determine that you cannot enroll in the trimester for which you are admitted, you must reapply (only the $55 Application Fee and Application are necessary). We will keep transcripts and essays on file for one year.

Students who wish to reapply afterlapse of continuous enrollment must reapply through
CSU Mentor, and must send transcripts from any institution attended since the original
application was submitted.


Mailing Address for HUX Application

As indicated above, you should submit your Application and application fee through CSU Mentor. You may email your essay to or mail your Essay to the address below.
Transcripts should also be mailed to this address.

Coordinator (Application Materials)
Humanities Master of Arts External Program (HUX)
California State University, Dominguez Hills
1000 East Victoria Street - SAC2-2126
Carson, CA 90747 USA
(Note: please be certain that other institutions which send transcripts directly to us use the exact address above; DO NOT send them to the Office of Admissions.)
Application Deadlines

For official admission to the program, application and all materials
required must be in the HUX office by the following dates:

Fall trimester admission: July 10
Spring trimester admission: November 3
Summer trimester admission: March 7

Early Enrollment in HUX Courses

If you have missed the most current deadline above and still want to start your program as soon as possible, with HUX's permission you may take up to two courses prior to official admission. In order to be considered for early enrollment, you must submit all of the required documents, detailed above, at least two weeks prior to the beginning of the term for which you want to enroll. Go to the Registration Information page for a link to the Upcoming Trimesters page. Note that HUX courses taken in this way, prior to formal admission to the program, are considered transfer units by the university and will count against the nine-unit transfer limit described below.

Transfer Units

Units may be accepted for transfer into the program if they meet the following requirements:

  • No more than 9 semester units of graduate (500+) level units in humanities-related subject areas (art, philosophy, history, music, literature, or film)
  • Completed at another institution prior to or after acceptance into the Humanities External Degree Program, but not used for any other degree
  • Transfer courses may be no more than five years old at the time of graduation from the Humanities External Degree Program.
A student who wishes to have credit applied to the Master's program should consult with
the Program Coordinator. If it is determined that the course subject matter is applicable to the degree program, a Request for Evaluation of Transferred Graduate Work form must be completed
by the student, sent to the Program Coordinator for preliminary approval, and forwarded to the Graduation Unit of the Office of the Registrar.
The Graduation Unit will evaluate the courses(s) in terms of class level and Title V requirements. When final determination has been made by the Graduation Unit (at the time of graduation processing), the student and the Program Coordinator are sent a copy. If approved, the Program Coordinator
will incorporate the course work into the student's program. A combination of quarter and
semester units may be used to satisfy the total unit requirement. Transfer rate: 1-1/2 quarter
units equals 1 semester unit.

*To view this file you need the Adobe Acrobat Reader. Your computer may
already have it. If not, you can get it free of charge from