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HUX student Danny Heitman's editorials are frequently featured in prominent national journals.

Why America loves its Office Culture

End of Summer Reading Regrets

HUX graduate Danny Heitman interviewed on National Public Radio about how books can help us heal after the Boston bombings.

HUX graduate Randall Weaver is presenting the research for this HUX thesis at the Pacific Coast branch of the American Historical Association. The paper is entitled “The Forest Beneath the Clouds: Chinese Americans and Accommodation in 19th-Century Northwestern California”

HUX student Nina Bodway presented her research “Beyond the Canvas: Pablo Picasso’s Les Demoiselles d’Avignon and the Role of the Viewer in Creating Meaning” at CSUDH Research Day through distance delivery via Collaborate. She is a pioneer at Research Day presenting to a faculty panel and her mentor, Dr. Kirstin Ellsworth, here on campus from her home in Northern California. All the judges commended Nina on her professionalism. She locked up her 4 pets so the presentation was bark-free.

"HUX graduate now on Pandora! I'm the lead female vocalist for K Republic and I'm excited that we just got picked up by Pandora. We're so excited. You can learn about us at Friend us. I'm always telling people about Cal State Dominguez Hills and my awesome degree!"... Stephanie Starr

HUX student Mark Sasse publishes a novel based in part on the course “War and Human Experience” he took in HUX.

HUX instructor helps students chat with astronauts at space station.

Tour of DutyA new novel by HUX graduate Jan Hendrix.

Summer 2012 HUX graduate Jacqueline Ortoleva presented the paper The Female Form in Etruria: Cultural Exchange and Cultural Distinction at the Classical Association of the Canadian in Edmonton, Alberta in March 2013. This paper is extracted from her thesis. Her mentor is Dr. Kirsten Ellsworth.

HUX student Tom Jones presented in the 2012 Student Research Day. His topic was: "The Napoleonic Code: Marriage and Divorce in Early Modern France."

HUX Alum's Video "Checks and Balances" Wins Awards:
HUX graduate Marcus Grandon has won a number of awards for his video "Checks and Balances." Read his story and view the video.

MA Humanities External Degree Student Wins Student Research Day Award in Humanities and Letters

David Marks, graduate of the Master's Degree in Humanities from the Humanities Master of Arts External Degree (HUX) Program, won first place in the Humanities and Letters category at CSUDH?s Annual Student Research Day Competition. He then went on to place first in the 2011 all-CSU (out of 23 campuses) Research Day competition.

His paper, entitled From the Will to Wessex to Arkham: Lovecraft?s Geophilosophical Debt to Hardy compared the fictional worlds of authors Thomas Hardy and H.P. Lovecraft, the latter credited as an inspiration to authors today such as Stephen King. “It was important to me topick something that I wouldn?t be bored with and I would enjoy researching for a great deal of time,” Marks said regarding his thesis.

Marks holds a full-time position as Director of Corporate Training and Development for a biopharmaceutical company. A Seattle native who now resides in Los Angeles, he remembered the last time he had to do research and was excited how the advances in technology made his life easier. When he did his undergraduate work at UCLA, he had to use thecard catalogs in the library, search through books that sometimes, after 300 pages, only mentioned topics in one sentence.

“I saved so much time when I remembered I could search for something instantaneously on the Internet, or I could have full research documents emailed to me and then search through those in seconds for the words I was looking for,” Marks said. “I never really had any challenges with it, so my research was truly a pleasure.”

“It (HUX) is such a great program,” Marks said. “Especially for a working adult. It accommodated my busy work schedule so I could study on my own time.”

Two other HUX students presented their research at the campus event. Jandi DuPree presented research from her thesis: Character Mapping: The Quest Archetype in Novels by Ralph Ellison and Toni Morrison, and Terry Lazar presented research from his creative project:Biomorphic Modeling: Extending Surrealism with Multimedia.

Alum Updates Socrates' Philosophy, Captures International Attention
(Source: Dateline Dominguez Hills)
Christopher Phillips (Class of ’00, M.A. Humanities External Degree) has captured the attention of The Christian Science Monitor and Time magazine with his two books, Socrates Café and the new Six Questions of Socrates, as well as for his ever-growing international web of philosophy discussion groups, Socrates Café. Read more...

HUX Student Andrew Cox Manages White House Travel (Source: College Bound)
U.S. Air Force Major Andrew Cox has a very interesting job. In his current post, he runs the Executive Travel Branch for the White House. . . . Like all military officers, Cox needed an advanced degree to be considered for promotion. According to Cox, most Air Force pilots pursue a masters in either aviation or management, but Cox couldn’t face going to class twice a week for four hours to study an area in which he had little interest. Read more...

Distance Learning: The Student Perspective (Source: Princeton Review)
Linda Brown Holt completed a Master of Arts in Humanities through California State University at Dominguez Hills in 1993. Below, she describes her experiences with completing a degree, without campus attendance, through the use of correspondence study. Read more...

Ride with pride (above): LeRoy Kaminski, HUX 1998 graduate, has more than one reason for pride as he drives around St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin in his customized 1951 Mercury. He says his license plate "gives me the opportunity to promote your program."


Alum Accomplishments

Share with us your accomplishments since graduation! With your permission we'll post them online for others to see. Email them to Dr. Cherin.

Cathy Ruiz was accepted in 2006 into the California Institute of Integral Studies; PhD program in Transformative Studiews.

Paul MacLeod was accepted in May, 2006 into the University of Calgary's doctorate in Education program.

Dale Walker, in August 2005, was awarded the PhD in Philosophy from the University of Wales, Lampeter, in the United Kingdom.

Tom Head's (class of 2000) many publications are listed on his web page:

Albert L. Moore turned his HUX thesis into a book: Postal Propaganda of the Third Reich (Atglen, PA: Schiffer Military History), 2003.

James D. Owen (class of 1979) teaches at The Master's College. He is publishing a book based on his HUX thesis entitled: The Hidden History of the Historic Fundamentalists, 1933-1948.

Phillip M. Perry is a journalist, author and HUX graduate. From his website: “Award-winning journalist Phillip M. Perry has published widely in the fields of business management, workplace psychology and employment law. A 20-year veteran of both sides of the editorial desk, Perry is now syndicated in scores of magazines nationwide.” “Perry was awarded an M.A. in the Humanities from California State University, Dominguez Hills, California. He completed his undergraduate work at the University of Notre Dame.”

Christopher Phillips (class of 2000) has published two books: Socrates' Cafe and Six Questions of Socrates. He has founded the Society for Philosophical Inquiry which helps people start Socrates' Café. See the related article elsewhere on this page.




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Show your fellow grads what you're up to these days, or where you've been since you left us. If you have a photo that you'd allow us to post on the web, please send it to the HUX office.