Online Evaluation of HUX Faculty

All HUX courses are using Blackboard to provide students with a way to submit an evaluation of their course and instructor. Please follow the instructions below for logging on to Blackboard and submitting your evaluation.

Instructions for Signing on to Blackboard

All HUX courses have web pages on Blackboard, a web-based instructional system. HUX instructors may or may not use their course's web page, but faculty teaching "online" sections of selected HUX courses generally do use Blackboard (see Note below).

  1. In order to log on to your course's web page on Blackboard, you need to go to
  2. You need to know the username that has been assigned to you. In most cases, your username is the first initial of your first name and your last name (John Jones: jjones), but sometimes numbers are added after your name. If you are having trouble logging in, you can request help here.
  3. Your also need to know the password that has been assigned to you. Your password is the same as your PIN (Personal Identification Number) for ToroWeb purposes. In most cases, if you haven't changed it, your password is formed by your birthdate. So, if you were born December 7, 1941, your password would be 120741. Click on "login issues" in the left column at for more help figuring out your name and password.
  4. Once you have your username and password, click the Login button on the web page. You will see one or more courses listed. Click on the appropriate course. Everyone enrolled in a HUX course will see a link to its web page once they log on to their Blackboard account. Please note that you may also see a link to a course that you took in a previous trimester. Sometimes the links don't disappear right after a course ends.

Posting Your Perceived Teaching Effectiveness Survey

Once you have clicked on the correct course number, you will see the Announcements page. Once we make the survey available (usually in the last two weeks of each trimester), you will see an announcement similar to the one below. Click on the link provided to go directly to the survey. If you don't see the announcement at first, click on the View All tab near the top of the screen. If you still don't see the announcment, the survey has not yet been made available.

" Perceived Teaching Effectiveness survey available. As part of ongoing efforts to evaluate and improve the HUX program and its courses, we would like you to assess this course and instructor in a brief survey. It should only take 5-10 minutes. Rest assured that the privacy of your posting is protected by the system. All I will see is average scores of your responses to the multiple-choice questions, and a compilation of your essay responses. To begin taking the survey titled HUX PTE click here."


Note to Students in "online" sections of HUX:

Online sections are numbered section 99 or section 41. If you are enrolled in one of these sections of a HUX course, you are in an online section. Currently only the HUX 501-505 courses have online sections. The instructions for these sections differ only a little from the other sections. You still should rely on the HUX Course Guide mailed to you for the principal course assignments and resources.

Use Blackboard to stay in contact with the instructor and other students in the program by email and by participating in the Discussion Boards.

If you have not received instructions already, be sure to contact your HUX online course instructor at the beginning of the trimester to find out if his or her course is using Blackboard and how it is using the system.



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