HUX Calendar

Spring 2016 Calendar (pdf)

Note: HUX academic trimesters follow a different calendar from CSUDH on-campus, semester-based programs.

Term Dates
Spring 2016: 1/12/16 – 4/19/16

Contract Courses
Contracts for Summer, Fall and Spring should be submitted by the following dates. This includes contracts for Independent Study (HUX 594), Thesis/Project Proposal Course (HUX 598), and Thesis/Project Course (HUX 599). Students will not be permitted to register for 594, 598, 599 until mentor signs and returns contract to the HUX office.

Summer: February 1
Fall: May 1
Spring: October 1

Dropping Courses
The Calendar below lists dates for dropping courses. See the HUX Drop Policy for instructions that MUST be followed when seeking to drop a course.


Graduation Filing Period by Term
Spring: October 1st
Summer: February 1st
Fall: July 1st

GWE Approximate Deadlines:
Spring: February 1
Summer: June 1
Fall: September 1

Graduate Studies Approximate Deadlines*:
Spring: March 1
Summer: June 1
Fall: October 1

* Theses/Projects approved by the student's committee and in final format only. Those which continue in the committee review process will be held over for fall submission (HUX 600 not required during summer term only.