Creative Study/Creative Project Track


Overview of the Creative Track Option

This infrequently-used path culminates in a creative project rather than a thesis. Because the HUX program does not teach creative skills, students must have proven ability in the creative field of choice, as demonstrated by undergraduate degrees, concentrated coursework, or significant professional experience in creative expression (studio art, creative writing, or music).

Students must be approved to take this option and should apply to enter the Creative Track before the second trimester in the program. Students approved for the Creative Study Curriculum usually will take three independent study courses (9 units) in the Phase II area of courses. All capstone creative projects must include a section of documented analytical writing placing the project in a scholarly context. Appications to the Creative Track from students who have already completed their Phase I and II coursework will not be considered.


Application Instructions

To be considered for the Creative Study Track, submit the following:

1. A cover letter requesting admission to the track and explaining briefly why you should be admitted to this track. It should include a brief description of the creative project you would like to pursue in Phase III of your HUX program.

2. A resume that summarizes the formal academic and professional training that has prepared you for this creative work, and a description of professional experiences in this area (readings, exhibitions, performances, etc.) as appropriate.

3. Samples of your creative work in the field you propose to explore in your final project. You should send photographs of artwork, not the original works.

Send your request and accompanying documentation/examples to the HUX office. We will forward them to the appropriate faculty member and relate his or her decision to you.