Curriculum A: General Study

Requirements for Curriculum A: Interdisciplinary or General Study (30 units)
See course descriptions. Some courses have prerequisites, as described in the course descriptions.

Phase I: Defining the Humanities (10 units)
Take all five of these two-unit courses: HUX 501-505

Phase II: Studies in the Humanities (15 units minimum)
Category 1: Interdisciplinary Courses (9 units)
Select three courses from HUX 530 to HUX 548 and HUX 594F.

Category 2: Disciplinary Courses (6 units)
Select two courses in different disciplines: HUX 550 to HUX 594E

Phase III: Final Thesis (5 units)
Take HUX 598 (1 unit) and 599 (4 units)

Curriculum A Summary

Phase I 5 courses 10 units
Phase II 5 courses 15 units
Phase III 2 courses 5 units
Total   30 units