Curriculum B: Specialized Study and Creative Study

Requirements for Curriculum B: Disciplinary Emphasis (30 units)
See course descriptions. Some courses have prerequisites, as described in the course descriptions.

Phase I: Defining the Humanities (6 units)
Take any three of these two-unit courses: HUX 501-505. Select them according to the disciplinary emphases in your final thesis or project, if you know what they will be.

Phase II: Studies in the Humanities (18 units)
Category 1: Study in a Single Discipline (12 units)
Select four courses in the discipline you wish to emphasize from the courses below. With permission from the HUX Coordinator, some Interdisciplinary courses can be used as substitutes for disciplinary courses in this category. In order to be certain, request permission prior to taking the course. Below are the discipline-specific courses in HUX:

Literature HUX 553, 556, 573, 575, 578, 594A
History HUX 554, 555, 574, 579, 580, 594B
Philosophy HUX 552, 557, 572, 581, 594C
Music HUX 551, 571, 594D
Art HUX 550, 570, 576, 594E

Category 2: Study in Related Disciplines (6 units)
Select any two courses from HUX 521 to HUX 594 that are different from the discipline in your Category 1, and that are not from the same discipline as each other,

Phase III: Final Thesis or Creative Project (6 units)
Take HUX 598 (1 unit) and 599 (5 units)

Curriculum B Summary

Phase I 3 courses 6 units
Phase II 6 courses 18 units
Phase III 2 courses 6 units
Total   30 units



Additional courses must be taken if the final project does not give the student a total of 30 units. These units may include courses in the Humanities Encounters series (HUX 521-524).
* Consult course descriptions for prerequisites.