The HUX Final Thesis or Project

Below is an explanation of Phase III of the HUX program, the Final Thesis/Project Phase. In terms of the curriculum, it is comprised of two courses: HUX 598 and 599. The purpose of both courses is to guide your development of a capstone thesis or creative project.

Guide to Research

  • Download and read the HUX Guide to Doing Research in the Humanities before you prepare your proposal for HUX 598. It will give you, among other things, an understanding of the HUX 598-599 process, information for finding a good thesis topic, and how to use the wealth of online resources available to you as a CSUDH/HUX student.
  • Guide in RTF text format
  • Guide in PDF format

HUX 598: Final Thesis or Project Proposal Preparation Course

  • HUX 598 Course Description.
  • HUX 598 Contract form. This is an Adobe PDF file. If you don't have a PDF reader, see the Forms page for more info.
  • HUX 598 Information Sheet. This is an Adobe PDF file. Read and follow carefully the instructions before you submit your 598 proposal and also before you submit your final product for the 598 course.

HUX 599: Final Thesis or Project Preparation Course

  • HUX 599 Course Description
  • HUX 599 Contract form. This is a Microsoft Word file. If you don't have a PDF reader, see the Forms page for more info.
  • HUX 599 Information Sheet. This is an Microsoft Word file. Read and follow carefully the instructions.


Proposals for HUX 598 and 599 courses must be submitted with all required materials (see information above) by the following deadlines: February 1 for the Summer term, May 1 for Fall, and October 1 for Spring. See Registration Information for Contract Courses (594, 598, 599) for more details.

Formal Faculty Committee Review of theses and creative projects should begin by the following dates in order to allow sufficient time:

  • March 1 for projected Summer graduation
  • July 1 for projected Fall graduation
  • December 1 for projected Spring graduation

Before committee review can begin, the faculty mentor must approve the thesis for formal review. Be sure to discuss with your mentor your planned graduation date and the timing necessary to achieve it. Once your mentor gives the OK, submit the correctly-formatted and complete thesis to the HUX office for routing to committee members (one copy on plain (not bond) paper). After your committee has reviewed and approved your thesis, it will be returned to you for the required changes. Resubmit it (again on plain paper) to the HUX office for routing to CSUDH Graduate Studies for its review. You must pass review by both the faculty committee and Graduate Studies (and submit all required forms and fees) in order to graduate.

Signature Page

The thesis or project signature page must be prepared exactly according to our requirements. See our Signature Page instructions and resources.

Sequence of Steps

View the Sequence of Steps to completion of your degree from Advancement to Candidacy to the awarding of your degree.

Institutional Review Board

Conducting Interviews and the Institutional Research Board Review
All research involving human subjects is subject to review and approval by the university’s Institutional Review Board (IRB). Our IRB must review all thesis proposals that involve interviews or surveys (before they are conducted), or that use data previously collected from living humans (which identifies individuals), by CSUDH students and/or faculty. This is intended to insure that the research is conducted according to federally accepted standards, and also to protect the privacy rights of those interviewed or surveyed, and also to protect the privacy rights of those interviewed or surveyed.

If you wish to conduct interviews or surveys as part of your research, discuss this with the HUX Coordinator (or your thesis mentor once you have one). The IRB may determine that your plans do not require IRB approval. If approval is required, both you and your faculty mentor will need to take the online IRB certification training. Your research plan, including your exact interview or survey form, must be approved by our IRB before you can conduct the interviews or surveys.

More information is available at the IRB website, or by calling the Office of Research and Funded Projects at 310-243-3756.

Applying for Graduation

You must submit a form and pay a fee to apply for graduation. You must do so prior to the term of intended graduation.

CSUDH Graduate Studies Office Resources

  • This office is an integral part of your Masters degree program. It gives final approval to your final thesis or project. You will find a lot of valuable information on its Thesis/Project Information page. Not all of the information on this page applies to HUX students. But near the bottom of the page you will find links to the CSUDH Thesis and Project Guide in Adobe PDF and Word versions. HUX students must follow this guide closely in preparing their capstone thesis or project.
Please Note:
  • All degree requirements must be completed within the five-year degree limit, including the Final Project. In no case will a transferred course older than five years at the time of graduation count toward graduation.
  • Students must be in continuous attendance at all times (bear in mind that students do not need to enroll in a course in the summer term, including HUX 600).