HUX Forms and Contracts
for Legacy and Incarcerated Students

Below are copies of the various forms that the HUX office makes available to students. We include them here as a convenience to our students, but please note that many of these functions (admission applications, graduation applications, adding and dropping courses, etc) can be done easily online. Check out for more information on how to access the CSUDH student management system,

Meanwhile, if you or a student you represent has little to no internet access, you may either download these forms, or request copies by mail from the HUX office. The forms and contracts below are in Adobe Acrobat format. You need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print them. This is available at:


HUX Application

Credit Card Authorization

FERPA Release
If you intend to do academic business on a studentís behalf (e.g., add classes, access grades, pass on professor feedback, etc.), the student will need to grant you a FERPA waiver. Please have the student fill this out, sign it, and send it directly to the address provided. More information about FERPA Act can be found here:

Transferring Units into HUX

Transfer Request Information

Course Drop

Add/Drop Form
You will need to print out and fill out this form, then send it to the course instructor for his or her signature if you are requesting a drop in weeks 4-15 of the term.

GWE for Distance Learners

Test Proctor Form

Petition for GWE Exemption

GWE Examination Certificate

Independent Study

Creating an Independent Study Course

Deadlines and Reminders for Contract Courses 594, 598, 599

Independent Study Instructions (same as Creating and Independent Study Course above)

Independent Study Contract

Advancement to Candidacy


Exam Questions

Curriculum A Contract

Curriculum B Contract

Final Thesis/Project

Guidelines for Using Human Subjects in Research

Deadlines and Reminders for Contract Courses (594, 598, 599)

HUX 598 Contract

HUX 598 Instructions

HUX 599 Contract

HUX 599 Instructions

Instructions for how to apply for graduation

Application for Award of Degree

Change of Graduation Date Request