Why Do Your Master's Degree with HUX?

Traditional M.A. programs require attendance at the host university, and typically only accept full-time students who are able to put aside the rest of their lives while they pursue the degree. On the other hand, many online graduate programs lack qualified faculty, may not be fully accredited by a regional accrediting agency, don't provide a path for those lacking internet access or experience, and may fail to live up to their promises.

"The HUX program is awesome! Affordable, flexible, challenging - a dream come true for me when I discovered it back in 2007. The professors helped me so much, especially my mentor, Dr Smith. I graduated in August, and I am preparing to teach dual enrollment Humanities classes to my high school students next year."...Lisa Mendenhall Varn

The HUX program has been a leader in distance education at the MA level since its inception in 1974. The last 40+ years have brought many improvements, including the addition of online technologies. But HUX maintains a firm commitment to provide a graduate education in the Humanities area of the liberal arts to anyone who meets its basic academic requirements, regardless of his or her computer experience.

California State University Dominguez Hills provides the following information for its online and distance learning students in compliance with State Authorization information & Consumer Complaints federal Title IV regulation. Federal law [Section668.43(b)] requires all institutions must disclose to all students or prospective students the complaint agency in all states where students reside. 
If a student has a complaint or concern, information on how to contact a state agency and register a complaint, can be found at the following website.


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MA Humanities (HUX) graduate Steffan Tubbs is a 25-year news veteran.

MA Humanities alumnus Mike Kimmel was awarded the Excellence in Teaching Award from the New Orleans campus of Upper Iowa University, and has published a new book: Scenes for Teens.

MA Humanities alumnus Jeff Coopwood excels in front of and behind the camera.

"Great program -- Oustanding Professors -- and terrific help from all the nice ladies in the front office.....I loved getting my M.A. through this program....what a pleasure"....Chris McKenna

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Spring 2017 admissions are open for HUX 2.0. Deadline to apply through CSU Mentor: November 3, 2016.

Ingrid Steiner won second place in the Humanities and Letters I panel on Student Research Day. Her presentation, "William Byrd II: Portrait Collector," was based on research mentored by Dr. Kirstin Ellsworth. Full article here.

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