Assignment Mailing Instructions

Assignments are usually presented in essay format; midterm and final "exams," if any, are also essay format, and do not require proctoring. The average course requires from 4-7 assignments, with an average length of 5-10 pages per assignment. Assignments are due during the weeks as indicated in each course's guide.

For each assignment, send:

  • two copies of the paper (with cover pages) and
  • an adequately stamped, return-addressed, envelope (postage is not necessary if you live outside the United States, but return envelopes are still required from ALL students!) for the return of one copy with the instructor's comments.*

The second copy will be held by your instructor for his/her review, and then sent to the HUX Office for filing at the end of the term. Always keep the paper returned by the instructor which contains your grade, comments, and date for your records.

All papers must be typed, with a cover page, footnotes and bibliographies where appropriate, according to the MLA Handbook guidelines.

All assignments must be received before the assignment deadline (the Friday of the week the assignment is due). Count Week 1 as the first week that classes begin and Week 14 as the final week of the term. Trimester dates are listed at the upper left hand corner of your registration form. If you do not fully understand the assignment(s) or need help, telephone the instructor during his/her office hours, or e-mail or mail in your questions.

NOTE: Secure permission of your instructor to use email before submitting your paper(s)! Although instructors may have e-mail accounts, they may require printed papers.

Be sure to include your full name, student ID#/SSN, return e-mail address, phone number, term, and assignment title (Ex: "HUX 555 - Assign.#1") at the beginning of your message. Email the assignment in the following manner:

Attach Your Assignment to Your Email Message
Please send documents in Word for Windows/Windows95/Mac or WordPerfect format only; any other formats will be rejected. Your instructor may have further instructions or restrictions for submission of essays via email. Read the letter from him or her that accompanied your Course Guide.

If you submit your papers via email, you do not need to send a printed or emailed copy of the paper to the HUX office.

Contact if you need assistance.


Be sure to include your full name, return e-mail address, phone number, term, and assignment title (Ex: "HUX 555 - Assign.#1") on the cover pages of your printed assignments.

Mail your assignments directly to your instructor at the address on the cover letter of your [printed] course guide; do NOT send them to the HUX Office, as this will delay your assignment and may be cause for a tardy mark in your records. Do NOT use paper or plastic report covers of any kind on the exterior of your paper, as they will be removed and discarded. * Be aware: Instructors have the right to HOLD, until the end of the term, any papers which were not received with return envelopes; don't forget your return envelopes!

If sending assignments by courier/special service, please make sure that a receipt signature is NOT required for delivery (if a paper is delivered to an instructor's home address and the instructor is not there to sign, the paper would be returned).

NOTE: Secure permission of your instructor to FAX before submitting your paper(s)! Although the HUX Office does have a Fax machine, instructors may require printed papers for reasons of legibility.

Assignments may be faxed using the HUX Office FAX Number (310) 516-4399, provided the transmission:

  • follows the same format as mailed assignments (i.e., MLA Handbook format, cover page, etc.)
  • is not more than ten (10) pages long
  • includes ONLY ONE copy of the assignment, and
  • includes a cover page indicating the professor's name and department, as well as your full name, return FAX number, phone number, term, and assignment title (Ex: "HUX 555 - Assign.#1").

Submitting assignments via FAX does NOT guarantee return of your graded assignments by FAX. In addition, the "HUX File Copy" and a self-addressed, [stamped] return envelope are still required!