Undergraduate Humanities Courses for Nursing Students

Undergraduate Humanities courses are provided by the HUX M.A. in Humanities program to allow bachelor's degree students, including Nursing and B.S.Q.A. students, to satisfy the CSUDH upper-division Humanities graduation requirement. Either course will satisfy this requirement. You will need to call the Extended Education Registration office at 310-243-3741 to register. Because the HUX program is part of Extended Education, its fee structure differs from that of most other university departments. HUX course fees currently are $256 per unit, or $768 for a three-unit course. For further information, please visit the HUX registration information page.

To register for these courses, call the Extended Education registration office at 310-243-3741 or 877-GO-HILLS. To find out what courses are being offered in the current term, please visit the HUX registration information page.

HUX 345 The Non-Western World: China and Japan (3)
Interdisciplinary study of the non-western world by focusing on some of the art, philosophy and music of China and Japan .

HUX 346 Alienation, Estrangement, and Subcultures (3)
Survey of the elements and historical implications of alienation. Examination of Hispanic and African American cultures.

HUX 347 Images of Humanity: World Religious Perspectives (3)
Survey of ancient and modern religious systems focusing upon general characteristics of religious belief.