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Fall 2016 Registration Information

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Fall 2016 registration starts July 11!
Note: Registration refers to signing up for courses once a student is enrolled. You cannot register until you have applied and been admitted to the HUX program.

Credit and Debit Card Payment Non-Refundable Convenience Fee
A 2.75% non-refundable convenience fee is charged to all credit and debit card payments. This fee goes directly to the third party processor TouchNet® PayPathTM to cover fees charged by the card companies. Debit cards are processed as credit cards and are subject to the 2.75% non-refundable convenience fee.

Registration instructions for Registration materials are sent out one to two months before each trimester begins. The completed registration form and payment (in full) must be received by the program office no later than the last day of the first week of any trimester. Students must register during both Fall and Spring trimesters, but not during the Summer trimester. Students who do not register during a required trimester must reapply to the program. A newly accepted student who does not enroll in the trimester applied for must also reapply to the program. For courses that require a signed contract (HUX 594, 598, and 599), you must follow a different procedure and timeline.

Maintaining Continuing Student Status (Continuous Attendance)
HUX students should maintain continuous attendance, defined as attendance in both Fall and Spring trimesters of each academic year, until the degree is awarded. Students who have not completed all course work for Phases I, II and III of the degree are required to maintain continuous attendance by enrolling in: (1) additional course(s) with the program, or (2) the graduate continuation course (HUX 600) for zero units, which will satisfy continuous attendance requirements.

Course Fees and Payment Options
In the Master of Arts in the Humanities Program, course fees are $280 per semester unit. The fee for a three-unit course, for example, is $840. (Note: the fee for the zero-unit HUX 600 course is $150.) Course fees are the same for both resident and non-resident students. Fees are subject to change without notice.

Registration forms are due by the last day of the first week of the trimester and payment must accompany the registration form. Payments are to be made in full at the time of registration (with the exception of qualified military personnel receiving DANTES or other approved military assistance, and approved Financial Aid recipients; see details on Direct Loans and Military Educational Programs/Veteran's Assistance).
Payment for tuition fees can be made in the following forms: personal, company or cashier's check; money order; Visa or MasterCard. Payments may be made in split form (i.e., any combination of check, money order and/or credit card); however, no installment/payment plans are available. All checks and money orders for course payment, as well as all other fees, must be paid in American dollars drawn on a bank in the U.S. The University cannot accept cash; any payment made in this form will be returned to the student. Any exception to these regulations will cancel your registration, or delay processing of your academic records.

Withdrawals / Refunds of Fees
California State University regulations relating to drops and withdrawals from academic classes and for refunds of course fees apply to the HUX program. Please read and follow carefully the instructions carefully on the Drop Policy page. Your GPA and standing in HUX could be adversely affected if you do not do so.

The effective date for refund of fees will be determined by the postmarked date on which the HUX Office receives written notification. Refunds appear in the form of a check from the State of California; credit card charges cannot be credited to credit card accounts. The total processing time for a refund normally is 6-8 weeks. Refunds are granted in accordance with the following State of California refund schedule:

  1. If a student drops a course/courses prior to the beginning of the first day of the term, 100% of the total fee will be refunded.  Students may drop courses themselves online through MyCSUDH.   
  2. If a student drops a course/courses during the first three weeks of the term, 65% of the total fee will be refunded.  Please email your request to the HUX Office at
  3. After the first three weeks of the term have elapsed, no refund will be made and students will receive a grade of a “W”. An approved Add/Drop Form - Change of Program is required.  Stop payments on checks are NOT an acceptable withdrawal from the course(s) and will result in a financial penalty.

Request a refund by contacting the Extended Education Registration office (310-243-3741).