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As a HUX student you have access to an amazing array of resources such as books and articles, which you can access online or through interlibrary loan (through a cooperating local library). If you have computer access, you are only a few keystrokes away from many thousands of full-text versions of journal and magazine articles. We're talking about scholarly journals, for instance, published all around the world and representing the top periodicals in their fields. They are made available in electronic form to libraries such as CSUDH through subscription services. In many ways this is better than going to a local research library. You save on travel and photocopy costs, and since you get the articles in electronic form and can, for example, do word searches in them. Try that with a photocopied page!

Every HUX student who can should check out and use this service. You need to include a state of research section in your thesis or project, and that state of research needs to take into account (and respond to) what scholars are currently saying about your topic. In addition, journal articles are articles written by scholars for other scholars, and typically are just a bit shorter than a HUX thesis. So they provide good exemplars (especially once you've read several) for what we are looking for in a thesis.

You can also use this service to look up HUX theses completed in the last year.

For your convenience, we have reproduced below the instructions for finding articles which appear here on the CSUDH Library website.

Find Journal, Magazine and Newspaper Citations and Articles and Use Remote Access
Visit the CSUDH Library's  Electronic Information Resources page (Read the notes below before you click on this link.) for online access to thousands of electronic journals and resources where you can search for citations and articles by topic, keyword or author.

All databases to which the Library subscribes are listed. (Be sure to scroll down to the Trial Databases at the bottom of the list).

Subscription databases with an FT to their left include the full text of all
of the articles they index, meaning that you may read, print out or save to disk
the full text of many complete articles while you are searching online.

Access to some of the databases listed on the Electronic Information Resources  page  
is restricted to on-campus CSUDH students, staff and faculty as well as to all other Library
users who visit our campus to use Library resources.

However, those titles with an R to their left are also available through remote access to:
1.  Off-campus students, staff and faculty who already have a validated CSUDH ID card
2.  Students registered for CSUDH Distance Learning courses who are already registered
           as Library users or who have validated their ID Numbers on the page
           How to Access Library Databases from Home .

If you can't find the page you are looking for, please visit the Site Map to see a list of pages on the CSUDH library sitge, or go to the Site Search page to do a search of pages on the site.


Other Online Resources

Access Blackboard for HUX course web pages and to submit faculty evaluations. See our Blackboard page for login instructions and help.

Access ToroWeb for online student services.

CSUDH Student Affairs

CSUDH Transcript requests

CSUDH Thesis and Project Guide. HUX students must follow this guide closely in preparing their capstone thesis or project. This link goes to an Adobe PDF file of the Guide (400 KB in size).


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