Once You've Completed 16 Units...

If you have completed 16 units or more in HUX, you need to begin preparing right now for entering the final phase of the degree. A number of tasks must be completed in sequence, and not all are obvious. Read this page NOW if you are at or near the half-way point in your degree. In fact, you might find the Advancement to Candidacy forms linked below to be helpful early in your program, as you are planning which courses to take.

The links below will take you to the key web pages that you need to read in order to understand what is coming in the second half of your program and what you need to do now to prepare.

Summary of Steps to Graduation Page.

GWE Requirement Page. You must satisfy the Graduate Writing Exam requirement before you can be Advanced to Candidacy and enter Phase III of the program.

Advancement to Candidacy Page. This is a mid-program check to see that your intended curriculum is appropriate and that you are meeting the necessary requirements and attaining the skill levels necessary to finish the degree.

Final Thesis/Project Page. This page describes the generally year-long process from the point that you begin your HUX 598 thesis proposal preparation course until your thesis is approved. It also describes the work necessary before you can enroll in HUX 598.