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Read endorsements by experts of distance learning at CSUDH and of the HUX program in particular.

HUX Winners of the CSUDH Graduate Thesis/Project of the Year

HUX student success in the annual university-wide Office of Graduate Studies Thesis/Project of the Year competition is a tribute to the academic excellence of our students. A HUX student has won an award every year since 2000. Read about all of the HUX winners over the years...

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Reporting Live from Los Angeles, This Is Steffan Tubbs
Student and former network correspondent appreciates the flexibility and quality of the HUX program (Source: Inside Dominguez Hills)
Each morning when graduate student Steffan Tubbs, drives to work, he has no idea where the day might lead and where he may sleep that night. But it’s the unpredictable nature of the news that keeps him excited and motivated as a correspondent and anchor for ABC News Radio and Television. Read more...

Above: HUX students Tristan Cajar (right) and Tom Duryea meet in Bahrain in the Persian Gulf (where Tristan is stationed--see the article below) and relax under the famous Tree of Life.

Being All They Can Be
Humanities External Master of Arts Degree (HUX) students deployed around the world still find time to hit the books. (Source: CSUDH View)
Bombs erupted over Baghdad. Saddam's statue toppled like the final piece in a game of chess. Troops struggled to restore order and bring a legitimate Iraqi government to power. And Navy Petty Officer First Class Tristan Cajar continued to study. Read more...

HUX Made Her Master’s Degree Possible (Source: CSUDH University Communications and Public Affairs)
Erin Renouf Mylroie found online education the perfect solution to a problem. “It was so convenient -- I loved the program,” Erin says. “We were at a point where I wanted to further my education, but I wasn’t sure where I would be.” Read more...

Up in the Air Over a HUX Degree

Quotes from HUX Students

Stephan Tubbs, correspondent and anchor for ABC News radio and TV:
Tubbs, ABC Radio’s live anchor the night of 9/11, covers the hot spots for ABC News—whether it’s the Kobe Bryant trial or the war in Iraq. He says that, with a reporting schedule that takes him on the road over 80 days a year, it would have been impossible for him to pursue an M.A. degree without the flexibility of the HUX program. About the HUX course he took, “The Arab World,” Tubbs says, I cannot think of a better example of how this translates to my career. I certainly don’t know nearly enough about that subject, and with this, I can apply it to the news I’m covering all the time. That’s a total bonus.”

Army First Lieutenant Ralan Hill, from Schwinfurt Germany in 2003:
Reflecting on John Stuart Mill’s “On Liberty,” a work he was reading for a HUX course, he said, “Unfortunately, I don’t think the world works with a nice clear-cut examples as Mill details, but I learned individuals are the critical element. Being able to adapt with individuals is critical to functioning within any group, whether that is my group, division, the United States or the world.”
-- Ryan Brandt, “Being All they Can Be,” View Summer 2003, 25.

Tristan Cajar, while planning and directing the movements of 300 ships for the U.S. Navy in the Arabian Gulf in 2003:
“[Taking the HUX program] was difficult at first, but then I realized I could turn my scholarship into a hobby. I am imbuing myself in my work whenever I get the chance. This has been my anchor to sanity. . . . The program has given me the understanding that I’m no longer just a cog in the wheel of a war, but a needed part in supporting our freedom.”
--Ryan Brandt, “Being All they Can Be,” View Summer 2003, 25.