Textbook Sources

Books and Library Services
Students may buy all required texts through E-Follett Online Bookstore (at "Find Your Bookstore, enter "California" for the State then "California State Univeristy-Dominguez Hills" for the Institution).

Required books can also be located and purchased through major chain bookstores or other sources, so long as they are the same edition as those in the Follett University Bookstore. Used books may be bought and exchanged at the Follett University Bookstore as well. Students must (at some point in time) purchase books and other materials, which will average about $75 per course. This may include the purchase of audio cassettes/compact discs for music courses, or tickets for theatre and concert performances, in addition to the required textbooks.

CSUDH ERC LibraryHUX students may request library identification cards for use at other university libraries and facilities from the HUX office. HUX students are entitled to the full services of the Leo F. Cain Library on the California State University, Dominguez Hills campus. The Online Public Access Catalog, or OPAC, is available to all on- and off-campus students. In addition, through interlibrary loan arrangements, the resources of the Southern California members of the California State University are accessible to HUX students who reside near other CSU campuses.

Finding Book Sources
In addition to the services provided to our program by EFollett, you may buy books from places such as Amazon.com, Borders, and Barnes and Noble. Just BE SURE to order the same edition/publication listed in the course guide and on the course web pages, which are linked to the HUX Courses page.

Book Buy-Backs at the CSUDH Follett University Bookstore

  • How much do I get?

    The bookstore will pay up to 50% of the new price of a book (regardless of whether you purchased the title as new or as used), if the book is needed for an upcoming term, and, if the book:

    • is a current edition (i.e. an edition that will be used the next time the course is offered)
    • is in reasonably good condition (workbooks not marked in, binding not damaged, etc.)

    The bookstore also buys back books everyday at national wholesale value (anywhere from 0-33%) if the book is not needed for an upcoming term.

  • When can I sell my books?

    The best time to sell books is during on-campus finals (mid-May for Spring, mid-December for Fall), when you can get up to 50%. You'll want to wait until right before the course is offered again for better value, but don't wait too late!

  • How do I sell my books back?

    Do NOT send the actual books to the bookstore! First, you must contact Follett University Bookstore/Follett DirectNet by mail, fax, or e-mail (no phone calls), and provide them with a list of the books you'd like to sell back. This list must include the ISBN, title, author and edition for each book, as well as information on how and when you can best be contacted. They will then check on each of the titles, determine the buy-back costs, and notify you of the total buy-back amount. There is an $0.85 handling fee for the total buy-back transaction (no matter how many books you plan to sell back)*.

Follett University Bookstore
CSUDH - 1000 E. Victoria St.
Carson, CA 90747
Attn: Buy-Back Program
(310) 243-3829

Follett University Bookstore
(310) 327-0329


*Information, dates and costs subject to change at any time.