2004 Gingerbread House Extravaganza!
Larry, Adam, Arie, Carol, Chris and Kaylee

Here is how it ended up.  Scroll down to see the "process" which lasted about 6 hours over two days

We have made gingerbread houses for about 7 years from 1992-1998. We took a break for a few years and here we are again, starting up the tradition.  The house itself is made from special gingerbread that is harder and tougher than normal gingerbread.  Most of the other accouterments are made from carved candy.  Adam made plans for the pieces of the house. Larry baked the pieces the morning of Christmas Eve.  When they cooled the process started.  As you can see, the whole place is decorated.  Pieces are held together by a glue made from powdered sugar and egg whites.  It is exceptionally gooey and dries quickly.  The house sits amidst snow (white coconut) with a circular driveway (colored coconut) that is flanked by candy drops.  There is a Domino's truck in the driveway bringing the traditional Christmas Eve pizza.  To the left of the house sit 5 trees on a lawn made from dyed coconut. The two larger trees are decorated for Christmas.  To the front and right sits a snowman. Behind him there is a doghouse with Fido, the faithful pooch and his food bowl.  In the back you can see Santa and his sleigh.  In the back (not in view) is a swimming pool complete with diving board and a duck.  The house itself has shutters on the windows, a log pile, and is complete with furniture. This year's model has a kitchen table and chairs with flowers on the table.  There is also a couch with a rug, a computer on a computer desk, a toilet (that's Adam's work) and a fishbowl with fish.  Give credit to Adam and Kaylee. This is their work.  The house itself has a stained glass roof, lights made from a necklace and various decorations.  Since this is snow country, there are icicles all around. Below you will find pictures of the entire process. Enjoy! We sure did.

This is how it all starts.  Adam created the patterns and emailed them. I made the dough and baked the pieces that morning.  Note the broken one.  Hey, it happens! It is a delicate operation.

Kaylee is mixing the "glue" which is made from lots of powdered sugar, egg whites and cream of tarter.  It is very sticky and hardens very fast.

Arie is holding together the house when the glue is first applied.

Kaylee and Arie keep holding on

Larry is putting together the log pile outside the house.

Chris and Arielle are cutting the pieces for the Domino's truck.

Adam and Kaylee are carefully crafting furniture, a computer, a fish tank, candy canes and more out of candy.

Carol had a ball making all sorts of stuff out of candy. She said she was just going to be the photographer but we knew that the lure of the building would get her working.

Arielle strung beads to put around the trees. 

Here's the wood pile!

Chris and Arielle are putting together the Dominos truck while Adam just plays around with who knows what.

Carol is trying to make a swing. Alas, it wouldn't stay together.  Maybe next year.

Kaylee working on fish for the fish tank.

Here's the Domino's truck motoring down the driveway.

Here's a view of the inside.  In the upper left there is a table with four chairs. On the table are a vase with three flowers laying on the table.  In the middle of the side wall you can see the fish tank with fish swimming around

This is a view of the rest of more of the inside of the house.  The yellow thing in the corner is a toilet.  The red thing against the back wall is a computer sitting on a computer desk.

This is a closeup of the table and chairs.  A vase is sitting on the table with flowers spread around.

Next to the table was a fish tank!

The computer is sitting on a work desk with mouse and all.  For some inexplicable reason a toilet is perched in the corner.

Here is the couch and chairs centered around a woven rug.  To the left is the tree, seen below.

The tree is standing just inside the door to the house.

Here is Santa's Sleigh complete with toys all of which was molded from candy.  Well, all but the Santa who inexplicably is holding a footbal.

This snowman was a bit droopy.  The top hat, although difficult to see, was a nice touch.  The arms, made of tootsie rolls droop by the snowman's sides.  No tootsie roll stuff next year. We'll have to try something else.

This is Fido's house. Note Fido in the front with food dish.  No yellow snow this year. Maybe next year?

This is a Christmas tree that is inside the house.  Just to the left of it  you can see part of the couch with a woven rug in front of it.

We are all proud of what we accomplished.  Where's Carol? Well, someone had to take the picture.

Here we all are again from the other side of the house.

Can you see the stained less windows in the roof?  This was a group project.  Chris drew three of the designs on a plastic baggie. Kaylee drew the Christmas tree in the lower left panel.  Larry filled in the glass with squeeze tubes used for cake decorating..

Here's Santa with his sleigh.  Carol crafted the sleigh from tootsie rolls and other candies.  For some reason Santa is getting ready to toss the football.

Here's the house at the end.  The "lights" are actually from a necklace.

Here's the house from the side.  Two tall Christmas trees are decorated with fancy garland.  Can you see the bench sitting next to the house?

Here is an aerial view of the house.  Fido is sitting in front of his dog house. The Domino's truck is coming up the circular driveway.

From the back of the house you can see the pool complete with diving board.  You can't see it, but there is a tiny duck in the pool.
That's all for this year. As always, we took copious notes on modifications and changes for next year.  For example, there will be a balcony in the back to afford a clear look inside the house.