Degree Roadmaps: The path to graduation!

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Degree Roadmaps are available to serve as a guide for students’ academic planning. Roadmaps are NOT a replacement for academic advising. Students are encouraged to meet with an advisor each semester to assist in planning and review their progress. Without proper planning the path to a degree can be difficult!

Academic Minors

Students should note that programs which require a minor do not list the minor courses on the Roadmap. Students will need to include this information in their personalized Degree Roadmap. Students can review program minor requirements in the University Catalog.

Course Frequency

Occasionally, courses are offered in specific semesters or on an as needed basis. Students should consult with an advisor when personalizing their roadmap in order to properly plan around course frequencies. The frequency of course offerings is listed in the Class Schedule.

Majors & Careers

Are you having trouble declaring a major? The Career Center can help. Check out the Majors & Careers site.