OSX 963 - OSHA 5600 - Trainer Course for Disaster Site Worker

2021 Dates Times Meetings Meeting Type Location Reg. Deadline Fee
January 4, 5, 11, 12 8:30am–5:00pm 4 Weekday Online   $775
* Schedule(s) subject to change; contact our OSHA Assistant for scheduling questions | Updated 04/10/2021

Course Description

OSX 963 - OSHA 5600 - Trainer Course for Disaster Site WorkerThis course is designed for individuals interested in teaching OSHA 7600 Disaster Site Worker Course, intended for second responders. Using OSHA Standards as a guide, this course places special emphasis on topics which are most hazardous.

Students are provided the opportunity to practice knowledge and skills through discussion, planned exercises, demonstrations, and presentations. Lesson plans and training materials for the OSHA #7600 Disaster Site Worker Course are provided. Students who wish to participate as authorized Disaster Site Worker trainers must prepare a presentation on an assigned disaster site worker topic individually or as part of a group. Successful completion of this course authorizes students to become trainers in the Disaster Site Worker Outreach Training Program, to conduct the OSHA #7600 Disaster Site Worker Course, and to issue cards to participants after verifying course completion.

Who Should Attend

Individuals responsible for overseeing safety during construction and cleanup operations, at government declared disaster sites.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Describe the purpose and use of an Incident Command System
  2. Recognize disaster site health and safety hazards
  3. Recognize CBRNE agents and symptoms
  4. Describe appropriate Adult Learning Techniques
  5. Recognize and demonstrate proper use of respiratory protection equipment
  6. Identify required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  7. Describe methods of decontamination.

CEUs: 4.0
Prerequisites: OSHA 500 Trainer Course in OSHA Standards for the Construction Industry or OSHA 501 Trainer Course in OSHA Standards for General Industry, three (3) years safety training experience, and completion of the 40-hour HAZWOPER training. Outreach Training Program trainers are required to attend OSHA 5602 Update for Disaster Site Worker Trainer course at least every four (4) years to maintain their Outreach Training Program trainer authorization. A copy of their Outreach Training Program trainer card for construction or general industry or an official transcript from their respective OSHA Training Institute Education Center showing successful completion of the OSHA 500 or OSHA 501 course, and a copy of their 40-hour HAZWOPER course completion certificate are required prior to the start of class to verify trainer status.
Course Length: 4 days

Recommended Materials: Pen, pencil, highlighter and writing pad. It is recommended that each student bring a laptop for use in preparing presentations.


Equipment Requirements

  • Computer
  • Webcam and Microphone
  • High-speed Internet access

Videoconferencing Resources

Steps to Enroll

  1. Submit a prerequisite verification form to osha@csudh.edu. The prerequisite form must clearly indicate that the applicant has 5 year of experience overseeing workplace safety in General Industry.
  2. When submitting the prerequisite verification form, your email should include the following statement:
    “I have read the testing and equipment requirements listed on your website and I’m able to meet these requirements.”
  3. Allow a minimum of three (3) business days for processing and to receive a permission number.
  4. Contact the Extended Education Registration Office to provide permission number and payment for course (310-243-3741, Option 1).

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