Frequently Asked Questions

Outreach Training Program FAQs

1. What is an outreach trainer?

An individual authorized through an OSHA Training Institute Education center to deliver 10 and 30 HR outreach classes in Construction, General Industry, Maritime, and 15 HR classes for Disaster Site Workers.

2. How many types of outreach trainers are there?

There are 5 types: Construction, General Industry, Maritime, Disaster Site Worker, Cal/OSHA Construction and Cal/OSHA General Industry.

3. What classes can an outreach trainer teach?

10 and 30 HR outreach classes in Construction, General Industry, Maritime, and 15 HR classes for Disaster Site Workers.

4. How do I become an outreach trainer? What classes do I need to take?

Complete one of the trainer classes after having met the requirements and having fulfilled the prerequisites needed.

  • Construction Industry Trainer: OSHA 510 & OSHA 500
  • General Industry Trainer: OSHA 511 & OSHA 501
  • Maritime Trainer: 5410 & 5400
  • Disaster Site Worker Trainer: 500 or 501, OSHA 406, HAZWOPER, OSHA 5600
  • Cal/OSHA Trainer: Construction 510, 500 & 5109; General: 511, 501 & 5119

5. What do I submit to show that I have the required work experience?

Simply submit the Prerequisite Verification form indicating the required years of experience.

6. How long am I authorized as an outreach trainer?

4 years, then the individual must update the card by taking the update course according to the topic

  • Update for 500: OSHA 502
  • Update for 501: OSHA 503
  • Update for 5109: Cal/OSHA 5029
  • Update for 5119: Cal/OSHA 5039

7. What is a Cal/OSHA Outreach Trainer?

An individual who is a current authorized OSHA outreach or become one within 6 months after completing the Cal/OSHA partnership class: Construction 5109, General 5119.

8. I am an outreach trainer: How do I get student completion cards?

Email or fax your outreach report, and payment (instructions here).

9. Do you offer 10 HR General/Construction Industry Courses?

Unfortunately we don’t offer 10 HR courses at CSUDH OSHA. However, we do on-site training for 10 HR. If interested we will take down your information: name, company, number of employees, possible dates.

*(Once information is given, forward the information to Raul)

10. I am interested in one of your courses, but the CSUDH OSHA website does not have a date for the class, how do I know when is offered?

If a course does not have the date that means the course is not being offered. However, we do offer on-site training for this course. We could take down your information to know that you are interested in this course.

*(Once information is given, forward the information to Raul and notify him that the person is interested in this class but it is not offered)

11. Can you refer me to an Authorized OSHA Outreach Trainer in my area?

This information can be found at

12. Do I have to attend all class meetings to get credit?

Yes, OSHA has required minimum contact hours for all OSHA numbered courses i.e. OSHA 2264

13. Do I need to setup a PayPal account to pay for my completion cards?

No, PayPal allows you to pay using “guest PayPal”.

14. Do you offer onsite training?

Yes, in many cases onsite training tends to be more cost efficient.


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