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Why We Need to Look at Sources

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Created: February 21, 2006
Latest Update: February 21, 2006

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Index of Topics on Site Our Sources Often Reveal Our Unstated Assumptions

Randy in Message No. 10356

I believe that Greg is willing to listen to all perspectives, but he not willing to budge on what he percieves as his values. I assume, and I'm sure he will correct me if I'm wrong, that his values go like this: God, family and country, in that order. In his world view if all people did this there would be no problems. People in other countries and neighborhoods take care of their families and we take care of ours. What's the problem? Did I get it right Greg?
I'll read your answer tommorrow. Gotta go to sleep now.


Randy: I see what you're saying. But even if Greg agrees that that is his position, in illocutionary discourse I need to understand the unstated assumptions that are being made behind God, family, country. That's why it's so important for me to know what he's basing his belief that the museum was not devastated. How does he know that?

Maybe we can check our sources and see that that isn't really an issue. One by one we can move some issues out of the way as not central to our values. Then we may be able to come to an understanding about our fundamental differences.

This is a process of moving from informal discussion, loaded with affect, to technical discussion in which we can consider facts we can ascertain and minimize affect. I think it's an accepted procedure in the negotiation process. - Hall's Silent Langague

love and peace, jeanne

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